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Meet Your New Evangelist Overlords

Johnny Harrell and Wayne Matthews. Who are they?

Please see “Meet Your New Evangelist Overlords – Part Two” for ongoing updates as to the speculated identities of Johnny Harrell and Wayne Matthews, as well as new information that is being brought to light.

 “Elders”, the most recent sermon by Weinland, has been posted on the CoG-PKG site. He mentions sending an instant message with instructions, out to the members via his website when the time is ready. Weinland reiterates again that he is absolutely certain these events are going to take place. “It is a reality of life that I live with.” That is completely unnecessary, in these days of medication being available to treat chronic acute paranoid schizophrenia with presentation of delusions. “They[Weinland’s doubters] are going to learn a fear that is not unhealthy.”

“Wayne Matthews is the presiding evangelist for Australia and New Zealand. Johnny Harrell is the presiding  evangelist over the United States and Canada.”

How To Pray, a sermon by Wayne Matthews posted Oct. 6/2007. The instructions contained therein follow the same form of prayer that used to be advocated in the Worldwide Church of God.

Is this Wayne Matthews possibly a pastor or cell leader in Destiny Church Nelson? Is Destiny Church Nelson a New Zealand-based christian identity (British-Israelite) church? Their website seems to actively target and recruit youth, and all the faces in the photos are unmistakeably white. Wayne Matthews is listed under the “My Connections” page for his wife, pastor Pauline Matthews, but his page has been removed from the profile listings. A cursory search for hate-crimes-related info does not reveal any information overtly linking this church to a supremacist cell.

“Johnny Harrell is the presiding evangelist over the United States and Canada.”

God Prepares the Mind, Oct. 13/2007 sermon by Johnny Harrell.

Is this John Harrell the same one involved with the Christian Patriots Defense League?


P. O. BOX 565
FLORA, IL 62839
(618) 665-3937

“Identity types sought to establish a redoubt, a “Fortress Mid-Americana.” That idea went back years earlier, to the theories of a man named John Harrell, who had founded a group known as the Christian-Patriots Defense League. In Harrell’s apocalypse, the United States would fall victim to “subversion, nuclear blackmail, nuclear attack, invasion, negotiated treaty, surrender, runaway inflation, famine, or a combination of any two or more.” He proposed the establishment of a “Golden Triangle,” a stronghold for “Christian patriots” once the U.S. government had fallen. That geography encompassed all or part of 17 states, the baseline running from Texas to northern Florida, the sides running up to meet at the Canadian border.”

The above quote was taken from here.

“The Christian Patriots Defense League (CPDL) describes itself as a “corps of ‘Christian soldiers’” who are “conducting
Bible classes while preparing for guerilla warfare” against a “Christ-hating International Jewish conspiracy”. The CPDL is a prominent organization within the contemporary Christian Patriot movement and various armed Citizen Militia groups.

Above quote found here.

The Christian Patriots Defense League (CPDL), is headed by retired millionaire John Harrell. CPDL is yet another extreme far-right survivalist and paramilitary group dedicated to helping ‘patriots’ survive the almost certain collapse of the U.S. government and the racial war that will follow. Harrell hosts biannual ‘freedom festivals’ either on his 55-acre Illinois estate, or his 232-acre base in the Missouri Ozarks, or on a paramilitary compound in West Virginia known as the group’s survival base… His ’survival conferences’ used to attract about one thousand participants who had a choice of more than fifty classes related to weapons training and guerrilla warfare before state laws outlawed them. Now attracting some five hundred survivalists, participants are taught tax evasion, first aid, and self-defense to protect the ‘white Christian civilization.’

Above quote found here.

It seems particularly disturbing that Weinland now appears to have aligned himself with christian identity militia group(s). Herbert W. Armstrong’s British-Israel doctrine has long been held as the precursor gospel for the violent christian identity churches movement.

Could the “Place of Safety” for Weinland and his followers be one of Harrell’s compounds, or his base in the Ozarks?

How many children has Wayne Matthews recruited into the CoG-PKG?

What “instant message” will Weinland be sending out to members over the website “with instructions”??

If you know anyone who is a member of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God, you must get them to a qualified exit counsellor immediately.


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