Weinland Watch

Weinland Watch

“It is a reality of life that I live with.”

The subject line is a quote taken from part 1 of Weinland’s sermon “Elders”. It is a response to questioners who ask Weinland what if his prophecies are false.  

Listening to part 1 of RW’s sermon “Elders” (I got a few sentences in before I couldn’t take it anymore), the first few sentences include a rebuttal to those who ask what if nothing happens, “It is a reality of life that I live with.” Weinland also states of the doubters that “They will learn a fear that is not unhealthy.”

I gave up at that point, although I should probably listen to the whole thing, to get clues to what might be in the works for Passover, when his ouija board divinations fail to come true. (Weinland mentions in the same sermon sending out an instant message to members via the website when the time is ready.)

The truly frightening thing about Weinland is not that he’s bilking at least a thousand members in three countries out of their hard-earned money. Money that could be put to better use living free lives in the real world, instead of lining the pockets of Weinland’s very expensive suit (so much for the sackcloth and humility), although I believe that church finances should be examined closely (and might provide evidence of links to christian identity and/or paramilitary organizations).

The thing that gives me the heebies about the sect is that Ronald Weinland gives the appearance of absolutely believing everything that he predicts. So did Jim Jones. So did David Koresh. So did Marshall Applewhite. There are more similarities, not less, between these suicide cult leaders and this self-appointed “Witness” of the CoG-PKG.

To any PKG members who may be reading Weinland Watch (which I doubt), I want to tell you that I say these things not to discredit nor defame Weinland or his church.  I want to be proven wrong. I want verifiable proof, beyond all doubt, that I am overreacting.

I was born and raised in the WCG and I was the truest of the true believers. If Armstrong had ordered us to suicide, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have followed, without question.

Weinland believes what happens to false prophets in the bible to be true; albeit this is with regards to the apostles and evangelists in the other Church of God splinters: Deu. 18:20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

Weinland believes that he will die (and be resurrected) in three-and-a-half years (page 16 of 2008 God’s Final Witness): “During that period of time, we[the two witnesses] will, together, completely fulfill all that God has given us to witness to this whole earth. Then, at the end, we will die in the streets of Jerusalem; and finally, exactly three and one-half days later, we will be resurrected.”  This, by Weinland’s own admission, is a reality of life that he lives with.

Let us understand clearly what this means.

A reality of life that Ronald Weinland lives with is that, either way his predictions pan out, he is going to die.

I just want to make sure he doesn’t take any of his followers with him.


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