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There are several outstanding questions that most doubters apply to Weinland’s “prophecies” and his followers. Updated Feb. 29 – Happy Leap Year everybody!

 Some questions that still bear asking, if Weinland and his ministers can bear listening to them:

Will there be a fast called for the 17th April, as there was for 2nd February, when the 1335 days began? If yes, will this fast begin on the 17th after sunset, or on the 16th after sunset?

If the seven thunders are supposed to grow louder as April 17th approaches, how does Weinland explain Roderick Meredith still being alive? On the Interview Comments page, Weinland states: “As the leader of the Living Church of God, Roderick Meredith is mentioned as one of many ministers who will die as a result of the prophesied Fifth Thunder.”

Which “great religious leader” is Weinland actually referring to, in his Feb. 9th sermon, “45 Days to the Seventh Seal”? How does he believe “Satan is going to influence, very powerfully so,” this “great religious leader”?

What “instant message” does Weinland plan to send out to members via the website when “the time is ready”?

With regards to the membership:

  • Exactly how many congregations are there, in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?
  • Exactly how many baptized, tithes-paying members does the CoG-PKG currently have?
  • How many children are in the congregations?

Questions on finances:

  • How transparent are the church’s financial records?
  • Have any audits been done on the church?
  • Would the church submit to an external financial audit, if one was proposed?

If the 144,000 have been “sealed” as of Feb. 2 (Weinland is lucky if he has a thousand members in all, even counting Harrell’s five hundred or so paramilitary goons.), then why is the church still planning for the baptisms of millions of more members? (It’s not possible. Not even with one prophet and two evangelists, who never stopped to eat or sleep. Which doesn’t even factor in the consideration that Weinland’s message isn’t even close to reaching those millions.)

Update: Follow the updated research and information on Johnny Harrell and Wayne Matthews as it comes to light on the post “Your New Evangelist Overlords: Part Two“.

 If John Harrell (the new evangelist for the US and Canada) is not the same John Harrell who founded the Christian Patriots Defense League, who exactly is he? Point the skeptical observers amongst us towards some verifiable biographical data on “Johnny” Harrell that proves he is not the same retired millionaire who founded the CPDL.

The next question follows the same logic, only applied to Wayne Matthews. Who is Wayne Matthews, and where did he come from? Was he in any way affiliated with Destiny Church Nelson? Is DCN a christian identity church? (They never specifically state they are, but they could be, if you read between the lines on their website.)

These are just some of the questions. A cursory glance through the CoG-PKG website, and its associated literature, will reveal many more.


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