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Weinland Watch

Contact Information for Cult Recovery Resources

This is an adjunct to the Message From…. note. None of the cult awareness groups seem to have caught on to Weinland’s church yet, with the exception of a few of us in the ex-Churches of God online communities.

If you do contact any of the cult recovery groups listed below, it is very important that you tell them Weinland’s church is an apocalyptic splinter group of the Worldwide Church of God. They may not be aware of the CoG-PKG as of yet, but if you mention the WCG, they should have a general idea what you are talking about.

This page lists some of the other descriptions exit counsellors may go by: Thought Reform Consultant, Family Intervention Specialist, or Cult Information Specialist. Be sure to ask your local crisis information hotline if they have any information available under any of those names.

New York Cult Hotline and Clinic
Contact: (212) 632-4640 or info@cultclinic.org

The Rick A. Ross Institute
Hours M-F: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Newport Financial Center
123 Town Square Place #323
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1756
Phone: (201) 434-9234     Fax: (201) 435-7108
email: info@rickross.com    URL: http://www.rickross.com

Info-Cult (Canada)
5655 avenue du Parc, Suite 208
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2V 4H2
(514) 274-2333, Fax: (514) 274-7576

Cult Information Centre
BCM Cults, London
Tel: 0870 777 3800


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