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TIMELINE ONE: “45 Days to the Seventh Seal” (Passover Predictions and What Death Means to the 144,000)

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Another prime example why you need to get friends and family members out of this potentially dangerous cult before Passover this year [2008]: “45 Days to the Seventh Seal” Weinland’s Feb. 9th, 2008 sermon to the CoG-PKG faithful.

[Update: April 17, 2008, came and went fortunately without incident to any members of the CoG-PKG, other than financially, physically, and spiritually, of course. This is further proof that Ronald and Laura Weinland are simply trying to recoup a retirement package for themselves, after Weinland was either dismissed or fired from both the Worldwide Church of God in 1994, and then either resigned or was fired, from the United Church of God in 1996.]

This sermon is an example of Armstrongism at its worst: “God is not trying to save mankind.” (All quotes are taken directly from the sermon linked to above.) In Worldwide’s days, this was definitely the case. “The world” was a filthy, disgusting, horrible place that made Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Puritan colony. We were the ones who were called out, we were the ones who were special, and chosen. We were beyond reproach, having been baptized, and living by God’s law(s).

“Sometimes it’s difficult for us as human beings to understand that what God does, is perfect, in every way.” Translation: Weinland is the prophet of God, one of the two witnesses from Revelation, so anything he says, is part of God’s plan. Implied in this is the notion no matter how dangerous or wrong it seems, it will be part of God’s plan. The cognitive dissonance inspired by a Gerald Waterhouse sermon was similar.

“…only, to the exact number, 144,000,” with regards to the “sealing” spoken of in the sermon previous, and who God will be working with, in the end time. As I have stated elsewhere, it would surprise me greatly if CoG-PKG had a maximum of a thousand members in its ranks. A comment from a member suggests they believe at least three thousand ex-CoG members will be “drawn to” the church, but this is still hearsay.

“The Universe has resisted God.” This would be the same god that created the universe?

“We went through all of Daniel 12 last Sabbath.” In the “All 144,000 Are Sealed” sermon.

“Time, time, and half a time.” This numerologic semanticism is absolutely classic Armstrongism. “The end of 1260 days. Everything would be finished. The end of mankind’s self rule. Finally.”

“Two momentous very important periods of time that lead up to time, times, and a half a time.”

“There are many things going along that God is not going to reveal until we’re there, and then he’s going reveal it as we are going along just like he did last Sabbath. [February 2, 2008, the first “sealing of the 144,000”.] He’s going to give us more instruction and more understanding.” Cult-control mind manipulation at its worst. If anyone truly believes Weinland besides himself, they will follow these instructions without question.

“These things are so vitally important to this world but who is listening?” Anyone brainwashed by Weinland. Or those of us trying to avert disaster to Weinland’s followers, come Passover.

“The world doesn’t see the church. Look how small we are.” Weinland finally predicted one thing with accuracy. This can also be taken as a manipulative statement, making the members feel small or inferior. “All by design. All by purpose.”

Last Sabbath [February 2, 2008] marked 75 days until the beginning of the three and a half years of man’s self-rule. When I first began writing this sermon, the title was going to be 75 days until the end, because that is what we are talking about.” The end of Weinland’s church, not the world, unfortunately for those trapped in it.

If you understand what that means, you know that after this Sabbath now we only have 68 days. [From February 9, 2008].

“…begins the Seventh Seal has been opened. I have to be careful how I phrase that.” I entirely agree.

“What is given is by prophetic revelation and by no other means.”


“And I’m going to experience that [prophetic revelation] more and more and more and more as there is a job to do.”


“I think about the first time I heard about as well, the US and BC in prophecy. And, to know who we are as a nation here, as far as the blessing God gave to Canada, and the nation here of the United States, and Australia, New Zealand and Europe, Western Europe. It’s incredible, just to know it’s true.”


“You don’t have to look anything up, you don’t have to go read anything you just know it’s [British-Israel doctrine]true.” Weinland certainly hopes his listeners won’t look anything up or read anything. Like an encyclopedia article on Assyria, for instance.

“How do you explain to them [the world] I heard it, and I know it’s true?” You don’t. That’s why church members are encouraged not to proselytize.

“….the power of God’s spirit is absolute, gives you that knowing in your mind, as sure as the sun is coming up tomorrow…..”

Daniel 12 again. More numerologic conclusion-jumping, combined with bashing of the KJV translators for “adding” words to scripture. Which they undoubtedly did. But so does Weinland. The irony is unfortunately lost upon both him, and his followers.

Several references are made to the 144,000 sermon [From February 2, 2008]. This is pure marketing, to get listeners sucked in to listen to more of Weinland’s apocalyptic nightmares.

“December 17, 1994, the beginning of the abomination of the desolation of the church.” Presumably this refers to when Tkach Sr., was said to be writing the sermon he gave on Dec. 24 that same year.

In truth, Tkach Sr. had been planning the policy-shift diatribe since shortly after the Feast of Tabernacles that year, following his confrontation with a rogue minister who was preaching protestant doctrines under the banner of the WCG in Atlanta, and the cult-watch groups were beginning to close in against Worldwide.

In just a few days, or weeks here now, Satan is not going have any of that power [to pull people towards protestantism]. And, quite candidly, he shifts his attention to another person on this earth. To a great religious leader. And it will happen. When he’s here in the United States. That’s what I’ve been referring to. That great religious leader is coming here to the United States. And at that day, and at that time, when all this begins, is a very time when he [Satan] has power to influence, very powerfully so, that individual. Very powerfully so.”

A comment by a CoG-PKG member suggests that this might be a reference to the Catholic pope, who is scheduled to be in New York during the timeframe “prophesied” by Weinland. This quote starts at approximately 12:15 into the sermon.

You may die a week from now you may die a month from now but if you’re in the 144,000, you may die three and a half days before the end, but if you are sealed, then you are going to be in that [the first] resurrection. That’s what this is all about.

The Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God is a dangerous apocalyptic splinter of the Worldwide Church of God that is actively preaching death.

If you know anyone who is in this group, you have to get them out before April 17, 2008.


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February 21, 2008 at 3:45 pm

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  1. “December 17, 1994, the beginning of the abomination of the desolation of the church.” Presumably this refers to when Tkach Sr., was said to be writing the sermon he gave on Dec. 24 that same year.

    Actually, that was the Sabbath when Joseph Tkach Sr. first gave the “Understanding the Covenants” sermon. He gave it in metro Atlanta — yes, because he was trying to put out the Earl Williams fire.

    I was in the Clayton County Performing Arts Center that day. You could have heard a pin drop at some of the things he said. But he couldn’t finish his sermon — because the WCG actually ran out of time for its rental, and had to vacate the hall. He was stopped in mid-paragraph! At Big Sandy the next Sabbath, he obviously didn’t have that problem.


    February 23, 2008 at 10:43 pm

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the clarification. My congregation was isolated from the rest of the country, never mind the US, so word of what went down in Atlanta never reached us.

    The one thing that sticks out in my mind about the sermon that brought in the changes, is that the set-up crew for my congregation, when we walked in to our usual union hall venue had the chairs facing the “back” wall instead. Maybe they thought physically turning us around 180 degrees would force our minds to follow suit.

    In that respect, Weinland seems to have taken a standard tack from the playbook of the CoG splinters. (I.e., he believes Tkach led the WCG away from “the truth”.)


    February 24, 2008 at 5:31 am

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