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Times, thunders, seals, and all of it proof-texted from the books of Daniel and Revelation: For the Churches of God, bad things always came in sevens.

Weinland is taking the “time, times and half a time” from Daniel and interpreting that as 1335 days, 1290 days, and 1260 days, respectively. Thus, from Feb 2, 2008 (the day the 1335-day countdown by Weinland began), the countdown to 1290 days will bring the calculation up to March 18th, 2008, according to one follower.

Weinland does not use 1260 days in his prophecy as other CoG splinters do; Weinland gets around the “half a time” calculation by using the “silence in heaven for half an hour” verse in Revelation. As one CoG-PKG member put it to me, “…which Ron has told us is one month…” which brings us to the April 17th, 2008 “first trumpet of the seventh seal and the beginning of the Great Tribulation” prediction by Weinland in the latest sermon. April 17th, 2008 (to April the 20th, 2008 ) marks the various dates on which Church of God splinters will be keeping Passover.

If the CoG-PKG follows suit with “classic” Armstrongism, Passover will be observed with a solemn church service, a foot-washing service, and the breaking of (unleavened) bread and sharing of bitter wine, served in shot glasses from a silver platter that has holes for each glass, and a silver cover on top of it. The holy days calendar on the CoG-PKG site notes that  Passover, kept on April 19th, 2008, will be “observed the previous evening after sunset”.

Weinland called for a church-wide fast (remember, that’s nothing by mouth for twenty-four hours, from sunset to sunset) on the day of his declaration that the 1335 days had begun; CoG-PKG members may be asked to fast on the 17th of April, 2008 for the same reason. [Fortunately this turned out not to be the case.]

What this means for the CoG-PKG? Church members may very well be asked to starve themselves of food and all liquids for twenty-four hours, whereupon they will break that fast by eating unleavened bread (essentially dry crackers), and drinking bitter wine that the church will be providing. For those members unable to get to a congregation, Weinland mentions in the “45 Days” sermon that an instant message may be sent out via the website or over the Internet, when the time is ready. [This did not happen during the 2008 Passover weekend, fortunately.]

Weinland is clearly painting himself into a corner via the certainty of these dates he is predicting; it is absolutely impossible to tell what will happen, once he finds himself backed into it, and his prophecy falls flat. I want to say that nothing will happen  after April 17th, 2008 passes without incident. I actively want to be wrong about my concern for the members of this closed high-demand religious group.

Everything within me and everything I know from my past in the Worldwide Church of God, tells me that there is a possibility of something truly awful happening to church members, when Weinland has to face  the fact that he is a false prophet. (Remember, Weinland is fond of quoting Deuteronomy with regards to the leaders of the other Church of God splinters; he believes false prophets will die.)

I must again urge friends and family members with loved ones in this potentially extremely dangerous cult to consult with a qualified exit counselor before April 17th, 2008. After all, if we’re wrong, all we have to lose is a little bit of face (a penalty I will gladly accept). Your loved ones have potentially much more to lose if the concerns of myself, and other ex-members, are valid.


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February 29, 2008 at 2:42 am

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  1. Be calm now. If the fast is on Thursday, under COG tradition it actually would begin Wednesday night (sunset-to-sunset, the way I was taught to do it as a Prospective Member). So members would eat Thursday night and Friday, heading toward the Friday night Passover service.

    Mr. Weinland certainly wouldn’t want to violate Paul’s instruction by having members take the Passover on an empty stomach — would he?

    BTW, something you might want to investigate is the even more widely-known “Bible scholar” who also has pegged Jesus’s return to the fall of 2011. Harold Camping of Family Radio (Family Radio.com) has set the precise date of 10/21/2011. But he certainly doesn’t “do the math” the same way Ron Weinland does.


    February 29, 2008 at 6:19 am

  2. Did they not fast ON Feb.2 when Weinland “revealed” the 1335 days?

    You are correct though: If the church called for a fast on the 17th (16th sunset-17th sunset) and then ate after “the seventh seal was opened”, there would be no connection with Passover.

    That seems a little inconvenient, with Passover being the “day after” and all. Also note that Passover is specifically stated that it is to be “observed after sunset on the 18th”, even though it’s listed on the calendar as being on the 19th, on the CoG-PKG page.

    As for Weinland not wanting to violate instructions, I personally think he did that when he started taking the drug-induced hallucinations of the author of Revelation seriously! 🙂


    February 29, 2008 at 6:33 am

  3. Forgot to add—didn’t Camping get in some sort of legal trouble recently?

    Edit: Some Camping madness for the general edification of the easily-amused:

    “Before we finish this analysis of the Liang Bua cave disaster, we should take note of one additional thought. Repeatedly, we hear fanciful stories of leprechauns and elves, and in Indonesian and Malay folklore, of Ebu Gogo and Orang Pendek. These mythical stories describe very small humans who apparently have appeared in many countries of the world. I believe these stories are developed because it would appear that at various times during the 7,000 years following the Flood, skeletal remains of pre-Flood individuals who died in the Noachian Flood were unearthed. Because of the tiny size of these individuals, fanciful imaginative stories were developed concerning them.”


    February 29, 2008 at 7:08 am

  4. “Did they not fast ON Feb.2 when Weinland “revealed” the 1335 days?”

    Answering my own question here. Taken from 144,000 are Sealed sermon, given on Feb. 2nd:

    “Today, we’ve chosen as a group of people to humble ourselves before god. That’s what fasting is all about.” (quote is from 1:47-1:51)

    They did, indeed, fast ON Feb. 2, which would have been from sunset Feb. 1st, until sunset Feb. 2nd, the day on which Weinland claims the 1335 days began.

    If the church will follow the same model with the opening of the seventh seal (there’s no reason why they should not), members will fast from sunset of the 17th April to sunset of 18th April…at which point they will then keep the Passover service, as indicated on the CoG-PKG holy days calendar page.

    Please note that the church has not yet called a fast, and may not call a fast at all. Weinland may call a fast for 16th April after sunset to 17th April sunset instead, as Richard points out above.


    March 1, 2008 at 4:43 pm

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