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Seven Is Your Unlucky Number

Seven seals, seven thunders, seven trumpets. Confused yet? Time was shorter than I thought. Confusion, as always, is the order of the day. Twelve days left to the seventh seal. Book your eagle tickets early!

Bear in mind that I have this third-hand from an online source who got it from another online source, but I believe it may be from someone who is either close to American leadership on the inside of the church, or at the very least a regular attender. This may be a reliable source, or it may be an intentional misdirection to help members spot the “ungodly”. Take that for what it is worth.

Here is the timeline as it has been promoted publicly by online CoG-PKG members (who may or may not be attenders):

  • 1335 days from the day Christ will return is 2nd Feb 08. The sealing of the 144,000 was completed on that date.
  • 1290 days = 18th March 2008. That will be the opening of the seventh seal (and also the time when Satan no longer has the same power to deceive those in the Scattered groups. Some from those groups will begin to be awakened spiritually as a result). While there is silence in heaven for half an hour, there will not be silence on earth and the thunders will all ’sound’ powerfully during that time.
  • 1260 days = 17th April 2008, the day the first trumpet of the seventh seal will ’sound’. It will also be the time of the beginning of what is called “The Great Tribulation”

Confused yet? The seventh seal opens on March 18th, not April 17th. The first trumpet of the seventh seal blows on April 17th, and the great tribulation is set to begin, according to the CoG-PKG. Regardless of the semantics, according to one online believer, “April 17th is when the bad crap is supposed to happen.”

I entirely agree. We just happen to differ on what that “bad crap” is going to entail.

The lesson in this (for myself as well) is to listen carefully to CoG-PKG members, and try and understand exactly what they are referring to. This is difficult, as members are told one thing, and the public another, as material on the websites is changed or “re-interpreted”. Predictions of physical deaths become predictions of spiritual deaths and quotes showcasing physical deaths are still available online. Seven seals, seven thunders, seven trumpets. Outsiders can easily be confused, and this is how they are “spotted” as such.

These are typical Armstrongist tactics. The more overloaded the membership is, as long as they get the lingo right, and keep those outside of the church completely puzzled, they can then discredit the “detractors” by claiming “You got it wrong! You have no idea what you’re talking about!”

As I responded to the member online who came up with that toothless defense, I really don’t care what April 17th is referred to as, in Weinland’s twisted little theological landscape. Regardless of what he’s calling it (this week), April 17th is the definitive date that Weinland has set. No matter what it’s called, no matter what he’s “predicted”, that is the date to watch.

Either Weinland is perfectly aware of what he is doing, and already has the “spin” prepared for what he’s going to tell the church when nothing happens (doubtful), or he has something planned that will “prove” his prophecies (more likely), or he will simply hie for the hills with all of the money he’s collected thus far, during the “half hour of silence in heaven” (most likely of all, given his past antics in both the Worldwide Church of God and the United Church of God congregations that he has “led”), that is set to begin on March 18th, when “the seventh seal is opened”. Twelve days and counting.

Any way you slice it, whether April 17th is the seventh seal, the first trump, the last thunder, or the end of the CoG-PKG (either physically or financially) itself, the membership is going to get burned. I just want to make sure the world is aware of that fact, before it happens, so they can get their friends and family members out.

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March 6, 2008 at 3:18 pm

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  1. Good points, man.

    I think Ronny has lost his mind. I listed to the March 1. Sermon before the Feb. 23rd ranting.

    Ron seem to be basking about “being a part of the 144,000” and tells his members that “we” are going to part of help “destroy millions of people in one day!”

    I have gotten info about the types of people that are actual attenders of Ron’s church. Most of them are spiritually confused Catholics and those who have nevever had any formal church background at all.– Very much like who Armstrong attracted.

    By preaching to people that are not grounded in anything— it’s easy for guys like RW to get these people to follow him.

    I am also starting to notice that some of the believers on Ironwolfs blog are starting give responses that almost parrot Ron Weinland. They are being brainwashed without even knowing it.

    Jim Hagerty

    March 6, 2008 at 6:44 pm

  2. One point about the 144,000: I’m not sure what the CoG-PKG’s current theology states, but in Worldwide days, we thought that we would be part of the 144,000 after three and a half years of the “great tribulation”. WCG members would be holed up in Petra (the “place of safety”) for this time, getting our “final training” to be leaders in “god’s government” at the “great white throne judgement” (again from the book of Revelation). Any who refused this government faced a long walk off a short pier into the “lake of fire” mentioned in that same book.

    I think you’re confused about the “information” you’re getting about attenders. (And I would be very suspect of any information you get, personally.) Most members attracted to WCG in the past, and to their splinters in the present, are by and large disaffected protestants or catholics, or even members of more extreme cults. There does not seem to be any general “category” from which members are drawn, beyond that they are looking for something outside of traditional, “mainstream” religion that still looks and feels a lot like mainstream religion, from the outside at least.

    In the present, the majority of the attending members of the CoG-PKG have largely been drawn from pre-existing congregations of the United Church of God. So the bulk of the current CoG-PKG membership has a long, long history with Armstrongism.

    The believers over at “Ironwolf’s blog” are undoubtedly fully-indoctrinated into the belief system of the CoG-PKG. I wish them the very best, and I do hope nothing untoward happens to them, either on March 18th, or April 17th, physically, financially, or emotionally.


    March 6, 2008 at 7:40 pm

  3. I remember the Petra deal. HWA was said to have some financial deal with Jordan to be able to hole up “God’s true church” until the the trib was over. Of course, no deal from what have known every existed formally.

    And I think it’s a shame– about the believers in Weinland that are obviously indoctrinated. From the ones I have encountered, they are, sadly, going to have to be proven wrong.

    And what I can’t understand is how so many people who keep finding holes in Armstrongism keep jumping form COG to COG. Some friends of mine did it and they finally realized after realizing there was NO WAY to prove Armstrongism and that by trying to do so, they just kept disproving it.

    What really gets me is the fact that old World Tomorrow broadcasts, pamphets, books, etc use the much of the exact same verbage as RW is using now, except now he’s just customizing it fit today’s lingo. I think you pointed it out that he’s replaced “H-Bomb” with “Nuclear Bomb”.

    Oh and also—- I noticed he’s still stuck on Germany leading the takeover of the Western word. Don’t people know that HWA did this same thing in the 40s?

    Jim Hagerty

    March 6, 2008 at 10:51 pm

  4. The “deal” was, in reality, speculation by Gerald Waterhouse —- who also informed members during his six-hour specials (sermons) that we would be taken up on the wings of a giant eagle, and flown away to the place of safety. Needless to say, Waterhouse “predictions” were taken, even by faithful Worldwiders, for exactly what they were: Absolute balderdash.

    A lot of the material on the HWA Compendium site (its moderator arwilson comments here), a front site for the CoG-PKG, is the same Armstrong literature recycled, without “changing the verbiage” at all, as you indicated. Sometimes commentaries are added to or taken away, but they are, by and large the same.

    As for why the believers don’t realize that these same “end is nigh” predictions have been made for over seventy-five years now, they do know it, intellectually: They just don’t want to accept the fact that they’ve been wrong, or that the predictions were wrong. Belief can be a very powerful thing, when you allow it to cloud your mind.

    This is also why people splinter-hop. They want to make sure they’re in “the one true church” that’s going to be sitting at the left hand of god during the great white throne judgement.

    At 650+ splinter Churches of God, anyone contemplating splinter-hopping has a buffet to choose from. Some extremist, some not-so-extremist, but all based on the interpretation of the King James Version bible made by Herbert Armstrong, over three-quarters of a century ago.


    March 7, 2008 at 3:42 pm

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