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Ten Days to the Seventh Seal “The Prophesied End Time” Version

There are, unfortunately, two books in the canonical Weinland scriptures. This is what “The Prophesied End Time” has to say about the seventh seal. Ten days and counting. Anyone made reservations for Petra yet?

“As this book is being written, only a short time remains before endtime cataclysmic events will begin to happen on this earth. On the other hand, as you read it, those events spoken of here may already be under way.”

This is the book that members are being urged to proselytize, between March 18th and April 17th. The quotes are taken from the chapter titled “The Seventh Seal” pp.33-71 in the book “The Prophesied End Time”.

“This great physical tribulation will last for three and a half years. Then, on the very last day, the greatest destruction of all will come upon mankind—thereby ending World War III. On that day, God Himself will bring judgment, death and destruction upon this world. On this same day, Jesus Christ, the prophesied Messiah, will return with 144,000 resurrected members of the Family of God—the Kingdom of God—to reign over this earth! A new world order, with a single world government, will begin ruling on the earth.”

Weinland speaks here of “the first resurrection”, of those who will be rulers in the Kingdom of God. (Faithful tithes-paying church members, you recall.)

“God has foretold that most will not believe what is about to come to pass, not even as this world is plunged into the most cataclysmic times it has ever seen. The possibility of such events occurring may seem incredulous to you, perhaps so much so, that you don’t want to read any farther. But just in case… if there is the slightest possibility… wouldn’t it be wise for you to know what to look for, so that if indeed it does occur, exactly like this book says, then you can more wisely begin acting upon it?”

Planting a seed of doubt in the reader’s mind. What if, what if, what if, what if? Along with the fear-mongering, it’s a powerful draw to those who might see themselves as open-minded, and want to consider Weinland’s “predictions”.

“The sooner you take personal action to deal with what will begin to rapidly unfold, the better equipped you will be to survive, and thereby give help to loved ones, so that they too may survive.”

“Survive” here does not mean survive the great tribulation. Survive here means that Weinland and his followers believe, once they have been baptized, they will survive death into the first resurrection, mentioned above.

“God is even more specific when He describes the percentage of the population that will survive in certain countries.”

In the previous book. And it must be noted that it is Weinland who is specific, not “God”, a god, or otherwise.

“You cannot afford to ignore or reject that which is written in this book. Sadly, most of the world will ignore and reject it, just as people did in the days of Noah.”

More proof-texting the flood story from the bible follows this.

“If you mock what is written here, then you too will cease to do so when these things become reality—if they haven’t already.”

They haven’t already. I’m still waiting on at least three of the seven thunders to sound as loudly as they are supposed to. There are  some paragraphs on the two witnesses next. For an explication of the seventh seal, this section of the book doesn’t seem to be doing very much of that.

“Concerning the two witnesses: we are being told that this European military complex is the power that is finally responsible for the death of these two people.”

Which European military complex is that again? I must have missed the amassing of it, on CNN, or something. Bear in mind that Weinland considers himself to be one of “these two people”.

“These two will be killed in Jerusalem with the approval and authority of this European military might. The uncomplimentary label given to Jerusalem in this prophecy should be noted. God says that spiritually it is like Sodom and Egypt. Religious confusion, the source of so many of man’s troubles, is the cause.”

Anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism in the same sentence. Only from a Church of God splinter.

Today, Jerusalem is spiritually a place of confusion and conflicting religious beliefs. So many different religions claim to be the true representatives of God. Yet common sense reveals that this cannot be true.

“Two years ago, my wife and I took a tour of the old city of Jerusalem. Our guide explained that it is divided into four drastically different religious persuasions. These four areas are Muslim, Judaism, Armenian, and traditional western Christianity. Even within that which constitutes traditional Christianity, countless division and diversity exist. But each group claims to be the true representative of God—that it alone has the truth, the way that leads to God.”

The irony is apparently lost on Weinland, and his followers. Still no sign of the seventh seal in this chapter.

“These two will be hated by most people because of the message they will bring to this world. These two not only carry dire warnings, from God to mankind, concerning these end-time events, but they will also have power to bring devastating plagues upon the earth.”

So was Weinland’s food poisoning last Sabbath a “trial run” by the other witness? One wonders.

“It will be explained more fully [sic] later, but these two people are resurrected, raised from death to life, at the exact same time as the resurrection of the 144,000 who are to return to this earth to rule and reign, along with Jesus Christ, in His Kingdom.”

The “first resurrection” Weinland is teaching his believers will take place on September 29, 2011. If they should die at any point before that time, they will still be “resurrected” as part of this 144,000. Let us not delve into the semantics of the book of Revelation itself, which states this “risen elect” is comprised only of 144,000 Jewish male virgins……

The book then goes on at some length about the humbling of mankind and their “war on God”.

“Most newscasters reek of this vain, pride-filled spirit. They mold and fashion events into “news”—news as they see it—after their liking. If you cannot see this, then you have much to learn. God is going to break this vain attitude and haughty spirit of man before He establishes His Kingdom on the earth. His two witnesses will play a major role in this. But from the very beginning of theirwork, the overwhelming majority of man will not believe they are sent from God. Instead, they will mock, ridicule and hold them in disdain—and those who believe them.”

In other words, anyone trying to exit counsel a member out of the organization is on the side of “mankind”. The CoG-PKG ensures its members divide themselves in their own minds, into either “the brethren” or “the world“.

“The unrest and power at work on this earth are leading up to the emergence of two great military powers, who will come against each other to engage in the greatest battle the earth has ever witnessed. God even identifies these two great powers. The one that emerges first upon the scene is an ancient, resurrected power from Europe. Europe will rise again, to thrust the world into a third World War. The power they unleash will result in the death of hundreds of millions of people.”

We’ve been here before. Well, we haven’t, actually.

“God specifically declares that this Asiatic power alone will destroy a third of all mankind—over one billion people.”

This “Asiatic power” better step up its efforts, there are only ten days left to the seventh seal and forty days left ’till Armageddon! Oh, that’s right, the European and Asian generals need to figure out where “Megiddo” is located, before they can do anything……..

“This is a message that mankind will hate! And they will hate the two who bring it. Some will try to kill them before their time, but they will not succeed. That too is prophesied!”

The highlighted sentence bothers me. An attempt to justify a suicide event ahead of time? Some distortion of world events to reflect an “attempt” on Weinland’s life? There is more on the two witnesses, but finally, after much discussion of the “powers” the two witnesses (inside sources say the other witness will be his wife) will have after the seventh seal is opened. After many paragraphs speaking of shutting up heaven and plagues and miracles (none of which either of the Weinlands have exhibited at this point yet), finally we get to the events of the seventh seal. Quite a contrast from the previous book.

Many religious scholars believe these first six seals concern literal physical events that will occur on the earth. But the end-time will catch the world off guard because the first six seals are not about physical events—they are about spiritual ones.”

Compare and contrast this with the seven seals as expounded in 2008: God’s Final Witness. Not very spiritual in that context.

“But during the time of the Sixth Seal, the end-time tribulation is held back until the final number of those who are to become a part of God’s Kingdom at Christ’s return is fulfilled. Over the past 6,000 years, God has been preparing those He called, trained and refined to become a part of His Kingdom, to reign with Jesus Christ when He returns. The last of those to be added, to complete the whole count of 144,000, is determined during this period of time. God has not revealed how many during this specific time (the opening of the Sixth Seal and its duration) are yet to be added to complete  the whole. It may be only a handful, or perhaps a few hundred, but it is small.”

Rev. 7:1-4 is then proof-texted. This confirms my initial guesstimate that there are less than a thousand members of the CoG-PKG, worldwide. Baptized members. Online-only adherents might inflate those numbers steadily, as the build-up to March 18th, and subsequently April 17th, approaches. Some wiggle room for the prophecy to prove false exists here however. One hopes Weinland will take advantage of it.

“As soon as the 144,000 are sealed and the work of 6,000 years finally completed, the Seventh Seal is opened.”

And there goes the wiggle room. As of Feb. 9th, when Weinland gave the All 144,000 are Sealed sermon. Then there is an exegesis of the first four trumpets of Revelation.

“This devastation comes primarily upon the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and a few of the very northwestern countries of Europe.”

Fear-mongering, and proof-texting courtesy Ezekiel, then follows.

“Nearly two-thirds of their populations will die within months of the start of great physical tribulation on the earth. The last third will experience a sifting process in the remaining time of tribulation.”

More about the great European power (although Weinland refrains from referring to it as the ten-headed beast, the way most CoG splinters do), demonic influence in “the world” (which is Satan’s dominion), and an excoriation of traditional christianity follows, along with a little more on the revived Third Reich (this the European military power to which Weinland refers), and he mentions the beast in passing. (No triceratops-looking illustrations for the CoG-PKG, apparently.)

Quite a few words, and not nearly so many predictions or date-setting, as has been in the sermons of late. The date has been set, however, and Weinland (or his followers at least) believe that all of this cataclysm will begin on April 17th. Yet another reason to get friends and family members out.


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