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Financial and Other Abuses in the Church of God PKG Mar. 15 Sermon

Still no word on how “the world will be shocked and in horror when the seventh seal is opened” on Tuesday. (According to pp. 23 of 2008: God’s Final Witness.)

Quotes from the March 15 sermon under the cut.

The first almost three minutes of the sermon are spent trying to get the broadcast up and going. At the end of the technical difficulties, Weinland says “No, I’ve, I’ve got it going right now, but we’ll remove it next week.” This is consistent with his removal of time from the March 1 sermon, where he could not read his own notes. Weinland also mentions his laryngitis the previous week, and how Wayne Matthews had to fill in. “Been pushing myself a little bit too much I guess.”

There is going to be a “last-ditch” baptismal drive by the church on Mar. 22, 2008, so that the baptized members can keep Passover.

“And to have the opportunity to draw closer as a part of god’s family because the reality is we don’t have much more time to do that in certain regions of the country. We will in others for a while. But uh some areas are going to be without ability to do that for a time. Obviously for a long time.”

There will be elders present at all of the baptismal locations:

  • Colby Kansas (for people in the Colorado Springs and Denver area and farther up north in Kansas)
  • Winnipeg MB
  • Springfield MA
  • Columbia Missouri
  • Ashland VA
  • Stratford ON (Stated as being halfway between Detroit and Toronto—clearly Weinland expects members to travel as far as, or further than, they did in WCG days)
  • Dallas TX
  • Cincinnati, the Detroit, Toledo area
  • Dublin GA
  • Vancouver, WA, Weinland will be baptizing there himself.

Weinland mentions “some people from Worldwide” in the Vancouver Washington area. This is likely to promote his thesis that members of “the scattered church” will be coming together under Weinland’s dominion beginning this Tuesday.

“We have a lot of new people up in that area. Also uh some people from Worldwide that uh thought it would be good to get them together. I mean our past. The scattering that are coming together up that way.”

Passover locations have been “set absolutely”. Notably, Weinland is making plans for his church members to spend the entire weekend together: Friday, Saturday, and the Sunday (first day of Unleavened Bread). “One evening and two days where people will be able to spend time together in certain areas.”

  • Portland OR
  • Palm Springs CA
  • Colby Kansas
  • Columbia Missouri
  • Lubbock TX
  • Dallas TX
  • Dublin GA
  • Orlando FL
  • Virginia, “possibly the Ashland area”.
  • Hartford CT (“It won’t be up in Massachusetts this time.”)
  • Buffalo NY
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Stratford ON
  • Winnipeg MB

Weinland says he is going to start giving numbers of the baptisms, not names. There were only twenty-nine baptized last week; hardly the millions and millions he was expecting, coming up on the thirty days of silence before the great tribulation.

Four more elders were ordained. Apparently the elders in Weinland’s church can baptize. There are now approximately ten or fifteen elders globally; this is consistent with the numbers of the church being at or around a thousand members worldwide.

Willem Henderson has been placed as the presiding elder over Europe, Weinland mentions this will be crucial for when the time comes that there will be no contact back and forth (between Europe and the US).

Weinland then spends some time reminiscing about his days at Bricket Wood in ’72, and how the church was so large in the UK’s Ambassador Auditorium.

“But things took place that took place. Everyone was scattered and God has not uh awakened very many. There are a few coming along out of the scattered group now, but uh a lot more being baptized. But that’s exciting.”

Hardly the “great spiritual awakening” Weinland and his followers are positing will happen, after Tuesday. There will be an elders meeting coming up in Cincinnati, weekend of 29 March. It is strictly for the elders and their wives in the church.

“I do wanna mention one more thing here before we get going on this sermon. This continuation. We have a bit of a problem developing out there. People using MySpace and other such programs on the computer or on the Internet. And that is some people using the book or the books on their site or my name or the church of god and so forth. I wanna ask everyone doing that to remove all that from your sites because you don’t have a right to do that in the sense of portraying the fact that you’re in the church or that you have something to do with it or that you have something to do with the messages going out out there. You don’t. These are strictly sites that you’re to use if you want to use them as a matter of friends and having friends and so forth and some people and that’s a good way for some people to be able to have some kind of contact uh if they desire to have that uh some people use it well. They only allow certain friends on there who are uh, uh people they’ve known in the past or whatever but uh I want to mention that some of you have some sites out there that uh you’ve allowed people on there—I’m gonna have to—I don’t know if some of you know how this works but other people are able to post on these things. And I went to some of these after I got back because I’ve been told by a lot of different people now coming all the way from Australia as well that it’s becoming a problem out there. And a lot of you are communicating with each other and you are communicating with some people out here who are sick. Some of you have stuff on your MySpace sites that have pornography and filth and perversion as far as demonic teachings and the like. Uh, if you allow a friend to come on there it looks like you’re endorsing what they’re doing or what they’re saying. And so I’m gonna ask everyone to remove that. If you’re part of the church if you don’t, you’re out of the church. We’re not gonna tolerate that kind of thing in God’s church. Yeah, how does that honour God? How does that honour God’s name? You know one of the things about one of the commandments is that we’re not to take God’s name in vain. And the reality is a part of that is we carry God’s name. We are the church of god. And if every individual doesn’t understand that and are–uh, you know, desire to reflect that in their life, then you’re in the wrong place. You have no place here. We don’t have time to play games in the church of god. God is not playing games with this world right now. We’re in the time of judgement.”

This was in response to a MySpace page that was set up by a baptized member of the church from the UK. We here at Weinland Watch hope that the disfellowshipped member was not dealt with too harshly by evangelist Wayne Matthews, and we recommend that the ex-member read the entry Seventh Seal: Possible Psychological Effects. We wish her well, and hope that she finds peace.

“1290 days is upon us this next week. 1290 days before Jesus Christ returns and 1260 days real close behind that. And how do you think God Almighty looks upon what’s getting ready to take place on this earth? And then he sees some out here who are doing bad things in a bad way as a reflection upon him! Upon the name of his son! Upon the name of his church! Upon the name of his servants who are serving out here! Upon the name of the books and so forth and bringing along perversion and distorted things and things that are not sound. None of you have any reason to be mentioning my name, the name of the church of god, the name of the two books, or let alone putting the books on your site! Or anything like that! You do not represent the church of god to other people out there in the world! And you don’t realize you might have a desire being able to communicate with other people that maybe think you’re helping others and some of you have tried to do that. You think you’re helping other people. And sometimes you’re  helping some other beings who are inspiring and working through other people to infiltrate to come on in to do things that are not healthy. You don’t know what you’re messing around with out here. I know some of these situations. I know some of these people out here. And you don’t. And so you know. Just a strong admonition.”

Compare and contrast this with Weinland’s March 1 sermon, where he mentioned after March 18th members could start talking about the books a little bit, and mentioned that church members would be handing out cards to the general populace. Apparently this game plan has now changed, presumably so that members will not be placed in situations where they can be counselled out of the church.

More quotes from the two and a half hour long March 15th sermon to follow in successive posts. Weinland himself details some of the financial abuses that are taking place, and claims the church has attempted (in one case) to rectify that.

In an anonymous email to weinlandwatch@gmail.com recently, we were informed by a friend of a church member that the member was required to pay a $60 tithe to “join” the church, and that this person is required to tithe 10% of every pay.

Clearly the financial and emotional abuses are continuing apace in the CoG-PKG, the same way they did in Worldwide.


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  1. Wow Claire got the boot? For a myspace page? thats just wrong….

    “None of you have any reason to be mentioning my name, the name of the church of god, the name of the two books, or let alone putting the books on your site! Or anything like that! You do not represent the church of god to other people out there in the world!”

    So he don’t want anyone to post anything on the internet that would gain members?. Thats it he is a complete nutcase….right?


    March 16, 2008 at 7:21 pm

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