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The “Perverted Twisted Critics” Respond to “Three More Weeks”

The quotes in question are from the March 29 sermon “Three More Weeks“:

34:50: “…Critics do not get it because they don’t see it spiritually, they’re small minded, they’re perverted, they’re twisted and they’re destroying themselves. Too bad!! Get a life…while you can.”  

35:30: [Weinland claims that the]enemy is scared, they’re scared…it’s in their writing.  It’s in their words…what are they going to do?  God is putting fear in them.

1:16:24: “What if, what if…comes April 17, my life changes dramatically one way or the other because it’s all in. Are we holding back? Are we all running, yet? So what are you going to do some of you who are skeptics and critics and you see these things come to pass? I will tell you what you will do as a whole, you will lie, you will twist, you will distort and you will die – speedily. So, one of us is walking on very dangerous ground.”

1:20:02: [Weinland chastises the critics by saying] “God mocks you critics. God mocks those of you who twist and distort what is true. God will mock your life and what’s going to happen in your life and its going to happen swiftly upon you. Thank God, because your mouths and your attitudes need to come to an end and you’re going to find out that God is not playing games. After April 17, I would fear to be in any of your shoes, truly, truly, truly! …what I say after that day carries a lot more weight……God put me on my feet and he spoke to me…revealing his word…God is the one who has to set us up…it’s all spiritual…What is it that people will believe? Nothing…except what comes to pass when it is spoken…and some are so resistant that they will die.

The responses:

Shadows of WCG:

“Well, I have news for Weinland and company. This critic in particular is not the least bit scared. Not even one little iota. In fact, you should have seen my face when I heard Weinland say that. It was absolute incredulousness. I am thoroughly amazed at how a “prophet” believes he can judge individuals without even knowing them, or their hearts, face to face. Well, this particular “perverted, small minded and twisted” critic is going to answer the charges labeled against him. And this particular critic is going to answer with truth, honesty, and conviction. And though I am amazed at how this “witness” of God can judge people as perverted, small minded and twisted, and not thinking spiritually, I shall answer with straightness and with clarity of mind.

Ironwolf (in response to the quote at 1:20:02):

“Ron Weinland,

If your God isn’t above mockery, then you shouldn’t be surprised that we, his supposed creations, are also completely able to mock him and any of his pretentious little dictators who rise up and pretend to wield some kind of superhero authority over others. Apparently, your God is so weak that he needs someone as pitiful as you to tell me what he thinks. Let your God come down and speak for himself: I will question him, and he will answer me. In the meantime, you can shut up and go to hell.

My response?

Well I can’t add much more to what the above two gentlemen have already said. Except for the fact that Weinland’s sermon this Saturday past actually pre-empted “The Mystery of God part 6”. 

Add to this the following comment left by an anonymous CoG-PKG member on one of the discussion boards:

“Obviously, if nothing happens in the next five weeks that is physical-Ron will not be who he says he is. If the trumpets of the seventh seal are spritualized away then he will not be who he says he is. It is clear that is turning point in cog-pkg organization is coming in the next five weeks. There will be no excuses made by me as a member………..The feeling in pkg is that the end of the age is near, and no one will question him as one of two witnesses for several more weeks yet.”

Clearly this week’s sermon was pure damage control on Weinland’s part. Internally the church’s house of cards may be starting to flutter, and early indications that church members may be starting to question matters internally (the “murmuring” Weinland spoke out against at the beginning of the sermon) is encouraging.

I harbour no ill wishes to any of the members of Weinland’s church, and “mockery” aside, I harbour no ill wishes towards the Weinlands themselves. They are/he is clearly misguided, whether you believe, as members and leaders of the various CoG splinters do, that he is “demon-possessed”, or you believe, as I do, that he may be suffering the delusions brought about by untreated paranoid schizophrenia.

It is still unclear, given Weinland’s actions in the past, if he is actually drinking his own Kool-Aid, and believes that he and his wife really are the witnesses of the book of Revelation from the canonical christian text, or if it is merely a money-grabbing scam, cooked up by Weinland on his way out from the United Church of God in 1996.

It remains to be seen whether Weinland will be as true to his word as he insists, and declare himself a false prophet if the first trumpet has not sounded by Pentecost, or if he finds another application of the “god-sized escape clause” he has been applying judiciously up to this point, and pushes his date further ahead once again.

I would urge any members of the Church of God, Preparing for the Kingdom of God, who are reading this site, or the other ex-Church of God sites that are out there on the Internet, to hold your prophet accountable to his own words. I would also urge you, no matter what Weinland tells you about not reading anything, or not looking anything up, to never stop asking questions.

Asking questions is what will set you free.


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  1. I have written a new article entitled, “Weinland Blast and Curses His “Critics.” This maybe of some interest.

    Here is a small excerpt: “This past sermon on 3/29/08 titled, “Three More Weeks,” Weinland is definitely irritated with his “Critics” who have been analyzing and debating whether he is a true prophet of God or merely a “False Prophet.”



    April 2, 2008 at 5:23 am

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