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Mike McConnell Show 04/07/2008: “Mid-July or even later than that.”

Looks like the goalpost has moved again folks. Here is the file, which can also be accessed from WLW’s home page here (for now). Below is a transcript of the interview portion with Weinland. All emphasis is my own, all comments in brackets are my own.

MM: Hi Ronald can you hear me this time? [There was some difficulty with the telephone link.]

RW: Yes.

MM: All right that’s working. Good to have you here.

RW: Don’t know what happened. [SATAN PREVAILED! No wait………]

MM: All right so I was just getting folks up to speed on things. You were here a little bit over a year ago. Um. You have couple of books on the subject, the most recent of is which?

RW: 2008 God’s Final Witness.

MM: God’s Final Witness. Now there your point would be didn’t this process to some degree kick in beginning of February of this year?

RW: Well there’s a process that began in February because of the countdown that’s begun to the return of Jesus Christ. Uh. That’s what’s referred to in Daniel as the thirteen hundred and thirty five days and uh uh in uh April the 17th we’re coming up to twelve hundred and sixty days and that’s when everything begins in the sense of the first trumpet of the seventh seal of revelation that uh begins to be blown and for that point on we’re in the time that’s called the great tribulation.

MM: And do you believe that to be an actual trumpet? What might a trumpet be? [RW coughs in background]

RW: Well [sighs] it’s just something that’s descriptive of something that god does it says [unclear] in heaven that an actual angel blows the trumpet. And that just signals the beginning of something that begins to take place. And there are seven trumpets that blow throughout this period of the last three and a half years.

MM: And why would you have to be in Israel or why would you choose to be in Israel?

RW: Well I’m going to be there when this all begins on April the 17th because that’s where my job begins and that’s where my job ends. It’s just uh something that I’m to do at this particular point in time.

MM: Did you buy a one-way ticket or a round-trip?

RW: No we didn’t. We plan to be there for a few days and come back. [snickers]

MM: A few days and come back.

RW: Yes.

MM: When you come back would you expect to be able to tell us what you saw, heard, or in any way witnessed that signaled the beginning of the end?

RW: Uh well certainly there we should be able to know very quickly here what’s beginning to take place um. That is the first trumpet that’s blown and it begins to talk about a period of time that this could trigger is going to have a third of everything as far as grass, trees, and so forth burn up um. Obviously then that has a tremendous effect then on agriculture and what that means for the rest of the world right now there’s a rice shortage and grain prices are shooting up there are shortages and it’s uh just the beginning it’s the first thing that begins to happen.

MM: I guess based on weather patterns there is a shortage of something every year isn’t that safe to say?

RW: Oh absolutely. But this is gonna get into the point where it’s so great it’s so strong so powerful that uh this is this is not a small thing this is going to upset a lot of people as as well as uh as well as animals and the like. It’s not a small thing. And by the time you get to the second trumpet it’s even gonna be more devastating and at that point in time there it uh definitely seem to indicate there’s gonna be nuclear weapons go off but I I really some of these things as far as the four seals [Doesn’t he mean the four trumpets?] exactly what they are uh specifically when the nuclear weapons go off and the like uh that’s what my job actually begins April the 17th that’s when I begin my job.

MM: Right then when would the second trumpet come following the first?

RW: Well there’s a period of forty-five days to ninety days that god hasn’t revealed yet [how very very convenient] and that could very well depend upon people’s response. To what’s taking place. Whether they listen whether they don’t how they respond to things that begins taking place in the first trumpet uh blast takes place so. Uh there’s a period of forty-five days uh that takes us up to about uh the beginning of June and the second trumpet could go at that time or it could take us up to uh a little bit later. Mid-July or even later than that. [Looks like the goalpost has moved again folks.]

MM: Likely June or July.

RW: Uh very likely very likely June or July.

MM: We should see we’ll see dramatic changes between now, now and June or July.

RW: Absolutely. Yeah there’s there’s not gonna be a question in people’s minds when these things begin. These are not gonna be normal things that just happen as a uh consequence of what normal weather patterns or things of that nature there that uh this is going to be of [unclear] intensity. It’s not’s going to be a small thing. These are going to be very widespread things that begin to take place.

MM: Well what’s likely to happen and I know this sounds facetious but I’m not. But if anything were to happen they’d just blame it on global warming.

RW: Well the first time they will but when uh nuclear weapons go off they can’t blame that on uh global warming. During this first stage the forty-five days to ninety days that’s exactly what people will do. You’re exactly right . But after that period of time it’s going to it’s going to change dramatically as things of terrorism begin to take place in this country because we have four trumpets that are going to take place here over six months to a year’s period of time and as they take place it’s going to bring this, the United States here to demise. We are we are not we are at our end as far as our country is concerned. I’ve made many comments on different interviews here that we may be able to scrounge together having elections in November but there will not be a new president take office in January.

MM: Do you do you uh do you live any differently? Do you run up your Visa? Amex? That does sound I’m being facetious but if I’m convinced the world was gonna end I’d, I’d go ahead and charge everything! [Which is exactly what Weinland’s followers are doing.]

RW: Well there may come a point in time where people try to do that I don’t know [THEY ARE ALREADY DOING THAT IN YOUR OWN CHURCH RONNIE] but uh when some of those things take place they may very well get cut off it’s going to be so widespread so uh the problem is that people as a whole don’t believe uh there are a lot of people who are starting to change here over this past year especially but uh responding and so forth to what’s going out there but  people have to have evidence and that’s that’s a problem that’s why I mentioned to you in your last interview here that uh I don’t expect people to believe even back there a year ago when I talked to you and most people haven’t obviously and this is where we’re at a point in time now. This has brought us right up to the edge here. April the 17th is when it all begins. And-

MM: Right so what did you first stumble upon that you believe gave you the key to know when the date would be?

RW: Uh it’s been a progressive [there’s that word again] process the first book was called The Prophesied End-Time and that was written about two years before the last book here. And over a period of about seven years. There’s there was a process of time where god began to reveal things uh and uh I began to write the first book and and to send it out. And then the second one here and it just uh it just is something that it’s difficult to explain to people because of uh the way god has worked with prophets in the past uh people today are very skeptical and most prophets today they’re kind of weirdos or strange people and so forth out here uh and uh so this some of these things are not well-received. So when people actually read the book and see that there’s uh there’s soundness of mind there [THERE IS?!]. There’s there’s not a bunch of ravings and uh conspiracy theories and things of that nature it’s uh it’s uh–

MM: But but at the same time you then have to you would have to agree that since the writing of the bible we’ve always had people who thought they were living in that time.

RW: Exactly. That’s a problem and [laughs] Look look look at how often people have said things there you can go back and find dates by religious leaders from some organizations who to this day have huge followings uh look at the seventh-day adventists have how many million seven eight million people uh maybe more but I think it’s seven or eight million people worldwide. And a huge following and her predictions were wrong and yet look it just kept going. She didn’t say that she was a false prophet or anything everything just kept going. And so we see different ages here where people have done those things especially around times of disaster or war uh ministers get out here and start talking about why you know about what god’s told them that this is the end time and so forth and the reason being is because the bible talks a lot about an end time. And so uh–

MM: Well are you gonna have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep on the sixteenth?

RW: I don’t know. [Weinland’s motto: I’m the end-time profit of god but I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going to happen.]

MM: You wake up on the seventeenth and what do you anticipate.

RW: I really don’t know yet. My job doesn’t begin till then. It’s very clear in the book that things aren’t going to be some things aren’t going to be revealed until that time. And uh I have uh–three—

MM: But it’s in the book but you wrote the book.

RW: I wrote the book. And god gave an outline for various things he was very you know there were things very specific there about 2008 uh dates and so forth when things beginning the process uh just like by the time we get to the fifth trumpet we know exactly what’s going to happen that’s when Europe arises. That’s when Europe is given the power they’re given. They fill a vacuum that the United States leaves because we’re going to have an economic collapse here. We’re right at the brink of that anyway. And uh things are trying to hold on as best they can but the reality is this time they’re not gonna be able to hold on. We are going to have a collapse here this year. Before the year is over with we’re gonna have an economic collapse. The Euro has already replaced the dollar as far as strength and power in the world is concerned. And people are starting to move a little bit over there. But they’re panicking too because you know China starts moving over [unclear] what they do you know they’ll cut their own throats so. You know it’s it’s difficult for countries out here right now but when we finally collapse uh it’s all said and done and Europe arises and they’re gonna be ten nations in Europe.

MM: Right. You you say that’s when your job starts. What is your job?

RW: Well my job starts April the 17th.

MM: Right. And your job is what? [Answer the question Weinland.]

RW: I am one of the individuals the scripture refers to as one of the two end-time witnesses. One of god’s two end-time prophets.

MM: And you know who the other one is and you won’t reveal it until that point in time?

RW: Yeah next week.

MM: Next week?

RW: Yeah. It’s because it’s not something that’s to be given until that specific time publicly so.

MM: All right is this other person someone you know?

RW: Oh absolutely.

MM: So what uh it could be like your wife or something?

RW: Well. It’ll be announced at that time.

MM: Um. What might you do if in fact you go to Israel and nothing big happens on the seventeenth?

RW: Well that’s a beginning on the seventeenth. Uh you if it’s big on the seventeenth uh um. It’s a process that’s gonna take place you know it begins to unfold on that day that’s when the trumpet blast takes place but I’m it’s very clear in Revelation where it says these are the things to follow. It doesn’t say it’s all gonna happen in one day. Uh there is going to come a time when things do happen in a single day. By the time the second trumpet blows everything is gonna happen in one day the third trumpet blows it’s gonna happen in one day. But this is gonna be a process as I said forty-five to ninety days and uh it’s gonna become very evident by the time we’re in the beginning of June here it’s gonna be very evident in this country what’s taking place.

MM: If it doesn’t pan out will you continue to do shows like this?

RW: If it doesn’t pan out the only thing I would do is uh [skip town like before]. So if I responded to anything at all was to explain to people I was a false prophet that’s the only answer. That I’m no longer a minister.

MM: So if by Labour Day we’re still having a picnic.

RW: Well then I’m I’m through.

MM: Then you would find a different line of work. [With an AC diploma? At age fifty-eight? Good luck Ronnie.]

RW: Absolutely.

MM: Um. You travel the world. You preach around the world. True?

RW: Yeah Australia New Zealand primarily Canada and Europe.

MM: And Europe. And where would you say your message is best received?

RW: Those countries.

MM: As opposed to this one?

RW: Well this one as well this is the primary one. And and the reason for that is a lot of people don’t understand I mentioned on your last program is that uh that this country and uh Great Britain especially and Western Europe Australia New Zealand Canada they are uh they are part of uh a part of a prophecy that’s very powerful toward the end-time that has to do with the nation of Israel. We are part of uh the nations the former nations of Israel. People today when they think of Israel they just think of the Jews in the nation of Israel. Well that’s not true there were ten nations in the north that were taken captive uh it even talks about in scripture the first time the word Jew is used in the bible it says the Jews were at war with Israel. There was a battle going on between Judah and Israel. And Israel was taken captive into Assyria by Assyria, the Germans, into the north and uh they migrated throughout the different parts of the world and uh they became known as the lost ten tribes. We’re one of those tribes. We’re of the tribe of Manasseh here in the United States.

MM: So uh is there anything you’re going to see in Jerusalem that we wouldn’t see in Cincinnati?

RW: I have no idea. I don’t know until it begins. I don’t know what god’s going to do I don’t know what god’s going to give me at that time. He’s made it very clear that’s when it starts and that’s when we’re given more power of understanding as well as more power period.

MM: Well the idea that it would simply mean you’re a false prophet if it didn’t come to pass isn’t that like just a big biblical whoops? [Ya think?!]

RW: Well I guess uh that’s uh it could be taken by people but how many people have you ever have said heard uh said that they were a prophet then right away admitted when something didn’t come to pass that they were not a prophet they were a false prophet.

MM: Well to be honest I haven’t talked to that many prophets. [Oh snap!]

RW: Well if you could review history of a few things that have happened in just like I mentioned in the seventh day adventist church it kept going it didn’t stop. You know things based on some of the things that look at the Mormons and so forth some of their prophecies never came to pass. They never said they were false prophets. They just continued to almost worship these people. uh–

MM: So uh what what would you say to those who bought your book? [Here comes the part where he says it’s free.] It makes a nice doorstop?

RW: Well you know thing is well we send it out free. [If you don’t count the tithe for baptism, the 10% tithe of annual income, the third tithe every third year of seven, offerings on each of the seven annual sabbaths, and special offerings taken up “just because”.]

MM: Yeah.

RW: It’s it’s uh they can get it free on the website at the end time 2008 dot com we give it away free we have uh six countries publishing the book right now and uh they’re sending it out free to everybody that asks. [And financing it entirely with the tithes of the members.]

MM: Would they get it by the seventeenth?

RW: Well you–

MM: Can you order it now?

RW: Yes. [laughs] You see it will go out as soon as the orders come through. But again we have we have some time here for even as we go through some of these things even as we have nuclear strikes and so forth in different cities when those things take place this country is just going to continue on for a time. We’re still going to be struggling. Just those particular areas it’s something like Katrina or uh something of that nature uh that area was wiped out but the rest of the country continued. And that’s exactly how we’re going to we’re going to come to our demise. We’re going to have different portions of different areas of different things taken out on us. On a continuing basis here and uh it’s not it’s a horrifying thing that’s going to take place not a nice message to have to bring out to have to tell everybody but it’s reality and it’s what’s going to take place.

MM: Do you own or rent?

RW: Oh we we’re buying just like most people do. We’re we we own a home [on a golf course] and uh make payments like everybody else and we make payments on our car [multiple cars] just like everybody else [unclear].

MM: Well I mean at some point you bought the house and decided on a fifteen or thirty-year mortgage. With the world ending in the middle of your mortgage period.

RW: That’s life. And you just continue on with life and when things come to that point in time uh everything in the world is going to change so you just take each day at a time [your members don’t Weinland] when it happens we’re going to come to a point in time when the main thing people are going to be concerned about is where you’re going to get your next meal. [And if you don’t move the goalpost again in mid-July Weinland you’re gonna be concerned about where your next meal ticket is coming from.]

MM: All right let me work a break here and we’ll have questions. Do you have time for that?

RW: Sure.

MM: Great. My guest again is Ronald Weinland the uh the web address to find out more and get the book end time 2008 dot com. It’s all gonna begin unravelling on the seventeenth stand by back with more seven hundred W-L-W.

[first fifteen minutes of the program concludes]

MM: Now my guest for a few more minutes here is discussing the end-time which is on its way. April seventeenth we’ll hear trumpet number one and it’s all downhill from there. Ronald Weinland you would be the web address is end time 2008 dot com. For everything you need to know just check it out there. Um. Why would you be in Jerusalem as opposed to stocking up on canned goods?

RW: Well, those who are wise uh just like different states Colorado is an example uh they have already been telling people there that uh that they need to stock up for a month or two months a lot of places are doing this a lot of government agencies because of uh the fears and so forth of a pandemic uh it’s just it’s uh it’s wise nowadays but especially if the the people understand where we are in time it’s wise to have a couple months, two to three months  and things set up because uh it’s going to come a point in time in this country where food and movement of food and it’s going to become scarce. [Notice Weinland does not answer why he is going to be in Jerusalem.]

MM: And do you know which cities are going to be nuked?

RW: Well uh, I’ve said many a time here I wouldn’t want to live in New York city or Chicago or LA and uh Houston Texas especially some of those areas uh the larger cities uh those are the primary targets.

MM: And this is something going on between us and Russia? Or us and who?

RW: No, this is uh, some of it’s going to be a matter of terrorism. But even after the terrorism uh actually Europe’s going to uh send a few our way as well. They’re uh we’re gonna be conquered that’s a part of the processes. By the time the fifth trumpet sounds we are going to be conquered by Europe. And then after that it talks about China and Russia coming together it’s it’s uh these things are not coincidental what’s happening between China and Russia and uh the things that have been taking place over there for some time that it talks about after Europe does what they do when they begin to take control of various things in the world uh Europe uh does what they do then China and Russia come together and they have a year after that fifth trumpet and they’re uh going to start retaliating against Europe and it’s uh they’re going to destroy a third of all the earth. Uh this is gonna touch every part of the earth. Uh the kind of nuclear weapons that are gonna go off. They’re gonna go off in South America they’re gonna go off in Africa they’re gonna go off all over the world. This is not just here in the United States. This whole world is coming to an end of man’s age of man’s time and it will be people who live on into a new age after that and that’s exactly the time when Jesus Christ is going to return. Dated just three and a half years September of 2011 is when he returns. And he establishes on this earth finally god’s government.

MM: Who wants to nuke Africa?!

RW: Well everybody’s going to be fighting. Everybody’s going to be choosing sides, everybody’s going to be warring with each other.

MM: It’s gonna flare up in a hurry. Now then if this does not come to pass and we contact you via your website will you come back on the program?

RW: You bet.

MM: Because there will probably be other prophets in the future and this would make you maybe I dunno a bit of an expert on oh–

RW: That’s right.

MM: –good and bad prophets.

RW: That’s exactly right.

MM: You’d be in the catbird seat so to speak.

RW: [snickers]

MM: All right. So you’re off you’re leaving for Jerusalem when?

RW: Uh we leave Sunday. [April 13th]

MM: Sunday. I haven’t checked my calendar. The seventeenth is what day of the week?

RW: It’s on uh Thursday.

MM: Thursday. Odd day for the world to end.

RW: Well it doesn’t end. But the beginn–

MM: But it begins to end.

RW: That’s right. We have three and a half years of this coming yet so it’s going to be a horrifying time.

MM: So I have like two more decent weekends?

RW: Uh, you might have a few more than that here in Cincinnati, who knows?

MM: All right. Well listen we have to Ronald mention your web address again is end time 2008 dot com. Uh you get free copies of your book and if you order right now you should have it in time for the beginning of the end.

RW: Well hopefully so.

MM: All right. Is it the only website you wanna mention?

RW: Uh that’s fine. We have uh we have other websites connected to that one so anybody can scroll through they’ll see that on the side there so. Uh we have a church site there as well. We have other sites as well linked to it.

MM: Listen enjoy your trip to Israel. I’d say send a postcard but I don’t think you have the address.

RW: That’s true.

MM: All right Ronald good to talk to you.

RW: Thank you.

MM: Thanks. Good luck. See you later. 


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  1. I’m glad that WLW put up the podcasts. My recording worked OK, but it was 10 hours & 600 MB long as I had to let it run all day while I was at work.

    I hope that despite your pronouncement on Ironwolf’s blog that you’ll be joining us again on Sat. as RW once again entertains us demons with his truly amazing revelations.


    April 8, 2008 at 3:08 am

  2. I wish I had recorded the caller who was EX WCG member!!! I missed that!!!


    April 8, 2008 at 3:13 am

  3. Banncam:
    The entire show is on the WLW website available here:
    IIRC, it’s in the same segment as the interview, maybe the 2nd caller after FPRW hung up.


    April 8, 2008 at 3:53 am

  4. Mike McConnell didn’t do any research before the show. Otherwise he could have held False Prophet Ron Weinland’s feet to the fire about the lack of thunders.

    But you have to remember that the job of a radio talk show host is not to educate, but rather to entertain. And he was able to do that using FPRW as a tool. If McConnell had tried to nail FPRW with the thunders, his audience would have switched to another station. So instead we get the softballs about whether FPRW has maxed out his credit cards.


    April 8, 2008 at 3:54 am

  5. I have been reading and watching this blog along w/ ironwolfs blog for several weeks now, and i am convinced RW is a fake. I thought the interview today was a disappointment, I was hoping that McConnall would bring him down. McConnell didn’t challange him much at all. I thought that Ron sounded somewhat nervous in his voice though. Does anyone know, does he speek any other languages? Maybe that will be one of his new (powers) after the 17th, better hope so, cause he will need that skill if he is to witness to the rest of the world. This man just makes me want to puke!


    April 8, 2008 at 4:53 am

  6. Puking seems reasonable to me!

    Yeah, I think Mike thought it was a joke.


    April 8, 2008 at 4:58 am

  7. RW’s information is wrong. Its not just 8 million, but 16 million Adventists worldwide.

    Ellen White was a rock-solid prophet:


    And — Adventists do not follow her teachings:


    Did RW intend all these incorrect statements to be a joke?


    April 8, 2008 at 8:31 am

  8. He is changing his story very subtely, he said in his book America’s economy would collapse in February, that didn’t happen and America would be finished as a power in April, not the end of this year! He is beginning to shuffle!


    April 8, 2008 at 8:38 am

  9. I too was disappointed that McConnell didn’t shred him to pieces. Then again maybe the reason Mikey let Ronnie run on for so long was to give Weinland enough rope. I don’t know. Based on comments made prior to the show airing, I’m of two minds: Either McConnell thought Weinland was so full of it he wasn’t going to bother to argue, or he just didn’t feel the need to dismantle Ron’s story would be worth the effortl. I mean I can’t believe McConnell just let Weinland blather on completely uninterrupted about British-Israelism without even stopping him!!

    Then again maybe McConell didn’t do his homework, and had no idea what kind of racist blather Ronnie was spouting…………Worst-case scenario maybe McConnell is a good ol’ boy himself?

    The depressing part of the interview was how normal Weinland sounded. And that bit about there being “soundness of mind there” in the book (!!) and McConnell didn’t even contest it?! Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh ugh. And the “free” books that are being financed with the members’ tithes………..McConnell may have been described as “the closest thing to Spock that we have” but he seriously dropped the ball here. In my opinion.


    April 8, 2008 at 12:31 pm

  10. “Did RW intend all these incorrect statements to be a joke?”

    Nope. He’s god’s end-time prophet. Thanks for the info though I could have sworn SDAs were Miller, not White. I thought the JWs were White. Huh. The more you know……


    April 8, 2008 at 12:37 pm

  11. Interesting inconsistencies continue to abound !!!

    RW says the 1st trumpet will last possibly for 45-90 days but the 2nd, 3rd & 4th will be in one day??? Hmmm – he knows this and yet says he doesn’t know what his job will entail come April 17th.

    No mention of the 7 Thunders of RW’s choosing and their failure to appear during the 6th Seal. This time frame and events were described in 2008 GFW as the proofs that he is one of the 2 Witnesses and spokesman for both.

    RW talked about other false prophets & failed prophecies from days gone by – Didn’t mention the failed 1975 prophecies of WCG & HWA, and that his background is there. Truth will prevail though – as with the caller talking specifically how his family was impacted by what happened back then.

    April 17th starts his job as witness #1 and witness #2 doesn’t start until 2 days later, when announced on April 19th???

    He who hath an ear, let him hear!!!


    April 8, 2008 at 3:12 pm

  12. Just in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t have a chance to go through the SDA links above when the comment was first posted—I thought it was an ex-members’ page. Looks like it’s the party organ.

    Weinlandwatch of course does NOT endorse ANY closed high-demand religious groups in any way, shape or form.

    But the SDA links posted above are interesting in a “been there done that got the battle scars” kind of way. Of course the site bills itself as an outreach to ex-SDAs. One wonders what exactly it is these people are holding out?

    If they’re anything like some of the CoG splinter “outreaches” (Doctor Bob and the Weird and Wacky World of Thielology springs immediately to mind), it is the “blame-the-victim-because-they-just-can’t-quit-whining” torch of “reconciliation”.


    April 8, 2008 at 3:22 pm

  13. McConnell really dropped the ball, not just with the thunders, but with the April predictions Weinland made on his show last year. Not even to mention Weinland’s thinly-veiled threat in Saturday’s sermon, “Well he’s in for a little bit of a surprise.” [meaning McConnell] What was the surprise exactly?


    April 8, 2008 at 3:24 pm

  14. HMMMMM, this is just speculation, but maybe McConnell was threatened some how buy Weinland before the show to not challenge him in any way or discredit him. I really thought McConnell would at least challenge him on a few issues, because I’ve heard him other times and he seems to like a good debate. Just doesn’t quite make sense somehow. Oh Well, such is life.


    April 8, 2008 at 6:35 pm

  15. So McConnell may have softened up a bit. I mean, if he didn’t call Ron Weinland by his middle name — the way he did Barack Obama….


    April 9, 2008 at 4:51 am

  16. Threatened by litigation? Yeah that sounds par for the course.


    April 9, 2008 at 1:44 pm

  17. I was hoping McConnell would have asked about Meredith and Flurry.


    April 9, 2008 at 11:32 pm

  18. Do you honestly think anyone outside of the church and its ex-members even know who Meredith or Flurry is?


    April 10, 2008 at 11:26 am

  19. My bad about the SDA/White thing: Where I got confused was in the ironic history:

    The Church of God 7th Day apparently split from the SDAs (Ellen White) in the 1800s. CoG7 was Walter Miller (run the term “great disappointment 1844” through the search engine of your choice), SDAs were Ellen White.

    Then, in 1933, Herbert W. Armstrong split from the CoG7 to form the Radio Church of God—which later became the Worldwide Church of God.

    Interesting that Weinland should make the point that the SDAs went on even after White’s prophecies did not come to fruition; is he trying to impose a self-fulfilling prophecy on his own organization in the event that he actually will step down? Or will he go into “get the church back on track” mode as Armstrong did in 1976?

    The SDAs that Weinland denigrates are, by the bloodlines noted above, fruit from the same poisoned tree, and so is that of the CoG7. Weinland is ragging on his own bastard cousins in the interview.


    April 10, 2008 at 3:18 pm

  20. The funny thing is…… I know people in their 50s and 60s that have NEVER heard of Herbert Armstrong.


    April 10, 2008 at 8:59 pm

  21. I think what Ron Weinland is doing can be looked at positively. With his help and the other splinters…. and with the Internet and blogs like this…… It lets the world know just how severe and harmful the old WCG was.

    It was very easy for years when all HWA had was the radio and TV to shelter everyone from everything he wanted.

    I am glad Ron is using the Internet as his medium of choice. He’s being exposed by the very thing he’s trying to benefit from.


    April 10, 2008 at 9:19 pm

  22. they say on september 1st 2008 the worlds coming to an end from globle warming, help us thrown some ice in your backyard. stay com don’t panic. At school i was crying they also said the sun is getting closer to us in canada anim scared im in toronto write now… awwawawwawawawwaaaaaaaaaawawawaw RUN SAVEYOUR LIVES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    May 14, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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