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“Daniel” Please Phone Home

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Daniel said, on March 19th, 2008 at 1:36 am:

The next time I will post something on this website April 17th- 23rd if we are still capable. And everyone can ridicule me if it doesn’t go down, but it will happen. Those blogs I left were not just for WW, but it was an attempt to begin to get people to start repenting.

Hey kiddo. I know you’re still out there. I see that you have been keeping up-to-date on the blog. It is past the 23rd now, and we still haven’t heard from you. I promise you, no one is going to ridicule you, because we have all been where you were before. We were all true believers, once upon a time, and we had to re-evaluate our lives when the kingdom we were promised never did come. No matter how many physical, financial, and emotional sacrifices we made.

I know you probably feel bad, you are disappointed, and upset with yourself, and questioning everything. This is a good thing, regardless of what you have been told, about “just knowing” that things are true. Asking questions is what will set you free.

I may be wrong. You may still be laughing at us, and willing to wait another 45-90 days as Weinland has instructed you to. If you want to post and tell us that as well, feel free. No one will jump down your throat, and I promise you I will delete anything that seems disrespectful to you, if you are still a believing member of the church. Tell us how wrong we are, tell us how we need to repent, tell us you still believe Weinland and his wife are the two witnesses in the book of Revelation. Say what you like.

Just please tell us whether or not you are OK. Please?


Written by weinlandwatch

April 24, 2008 at 5:55 pm

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  1. Pride commeth before a fall.
    It is hard to accept we have been deceived, but far better for the deceived than the one who deceives! RW has some serious troubles coming his way, and H’Shem will not be mocked by false prophets! RW can run or hide, but his end is determined.

    To ALL his followers, FLEE this falacy before RW takes you down with him.


    April 24, 2008 at 7:00 pm

  2. I’d appreciate it is Ron Weinland would update his blog. Ron should be keeping the world updated daily! I mean, think of the technology available to him, and there’s probably a 5-to-1 ratio of posts to contradict him than he says himself. I bet he has a stomache ache due to the fact that nothing really happened when he said it would.
    Of course, prophets, especially the two witnesses, would not need to BLOG their revelations. I think that the two witnesses would be covered by every major television station known to mankind.

    You know it is time to quit when God starts mocking you as well. You definitely weren’t worthy enough, RW, to carry this heavy torch.


    April 24, 2008 at 7:19 pm

  3. I want to compliment you WW on your kind hearted approach to Daniel. Very nice. No one can say you weren’t generous and trying to be helpful. I am way past caring if H Shem is mocked, whoever that is. You were very genuine, kind and compassionate in your posting.

    I wish just one person in my administrative past had taken a moment to call or write to express some concern. Alas..nothing. Leaves me speechless to this day.

    Good on ya!

    Daniel call home!


    April 24, 2008 at 9:44 pm

  4. Thanks Den. I hope Daniel is doing OK. I can still remember what it was like, when Senior decided to pick up the church, shake it a couple times, then drop it on its head for good measure.

    I can only imagine what some of Weinland’s followers must be going through, having waited for seven years for the end, to find out—the world is still turning, and that kingdom ain’t coming after all.

    All I can say is, we’ve all been where they are now, before. We made it through, and are making it through, and they will too.


    April 24, 2008 at 9:53 pm

  5. Dennis Diehl? Weren’t you a minister in the Toledo, Ohio area some time back? Left in the 70’s?


    April 25, 2008 at 3:17 pm

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