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“It Was Like Any Other Night” RW Mike McConnell Show 02/05/2008

I doubt if this interview, given its content and the “attitude” of the interviewer in question (who I personally would like to award a medal to myself), will be placed on Weinland’s site, just as the first interview with McConnell was not. The podcast can still be downloaded from the station here and when that link goes down you can get the file from here. Transcript of the interview portion with Weinland given below. As Bereans Did has an article on the interview here.

MM: [one of the guests was cancelled because they didn’t have the DVD or the book] …..However, we do have a guest standing by, and uh, a guest with me just a couple of weeks ago, as they were pointing toward the end time. And uh the uh web address is end time 2008 dot com. You may recall Ron Weinland. Uh, was on the program shortly before taking off for Jerusalem to uh witness the beginning of the end and we want an update from Ron and Ron, great to have you back on the program. And I asked you how was Jerusalem and he says, “It’s not the best time of year to be there.” What’s wrong with it?

RW: [laughs] Well, their, their holy day season, and they have a lot of restrictions about food and so forth, so it was pretty hard to get a good meal during that period of time.

MM: OK. Well, the last posting I saw from you was on the 18th of April where you thought things would begin to unravel. Uh the last posting I guess you still had six or eight hours to go in the day that uh you know around the globe elsewhere it still was the 18th. You were waiting for something to happen. Were you somewhat let down at the end of the day when nothing you could certainly put a finger on actually began to transpire?

RW: Not physically. Uh there are, uh, that’s uh that’s what most people want. They want physical evidence. Uh you know I’m I think back about the time when they asked Christ what sign are you gonna leave that you are who you say you are and and he said there’s only one sign he said and it’s gonna be in the grave or in the tomb um basically for three days and three nights and uh that’s the only thing he left that he was who he said he was. But uh on the uh the uh particular day there, I didn’t know what to expect, I mentioned on your program, and as I had mentioned on some other programs I don’t know what some of these things are until the actual days when they begin. I, I’m given those things at the time and that the the actual trumpets sound. And that was the first trumpet of the seventh seal. And the the major event frankly was what’s going to transpire over time here. I mentioned in the program before that there would be 45 to 90 days.

MM: Mm-hm.

RW: Uh, when things will begin to transpire, they’ll become more evident, and what people really want are physical things to look at. Uh–

MM: Well yes, you said, and that forty-five to ninety days, things are going to be pretty well unravelled, according to you.

RW: [pauses] Well they will begin to see evidence. They’re not going to see what they–most people really aren’t going to see what they want to see until the second trumpet. Even as I mentioned again on your last program. And the second trumpet is when we’re going to see the devastation of cities on a on a very massive scale. And, candidly, I don’t know when that’s going to happen. Uh at this point here uh again I’ve mentioned even forty-five to ninety days for that [Incorrect. On the previous Mike McConnell show, Weinland stated that the second trumpet would sound in one day.] It can’t happen until after June the 8th basically. Uh, from that point on, uh, I don’t know. God hasn’t given it to me. Just like I mentioned I didn’t know what was going to happen uh I gave a sermon on the, on the following day uh, the second day after the seventeeth there, about what was happening and all was transpiring. And uh as I mentioned there and I think I even mentioned on that site you referred to what I wrote there. That, you know, that there are there things I don’t know until that particular day until it’s given.

MM: Right. Well, I mean, y-you, I get the impression from your posting on the eighteenth that you expected something to happen on the seventeeth–

RW: Well I wasn’t wanting some–

MM: In-in–

RW: –something to happen tha–

MM: Well in your posting, what you say is, it’s still the seventeenth in the US in a couple of timezones and if I were to include Alaska and Hawaii, I still have several hours to get this accomplished. So you–

RW: Yeah, well, no when I wr–

MM: So you were expecting something to begin to unravel.

RW: Well no what I was what I was saying at that point there was that there were people already complaining and upset that I hadn’t announced it so I was letting people know that I was sticking to my word that I was going to announce what I stated. And what they wanted to know was who is the second witness. And that’s what I had mentioned previously that I was going to announce on that particular day on the seventeeth. [Incorrect. In the last Mike McConnell show, and the March 29 sermon just prior to it, RW stated at least twice that he would announce the second witness on the 19th.] And uh that was the announcement of the second witness which is my wife. And uh you had actually guessed that yourself on the uh last program. Uh, or, I don’t know if you were making fun about it or whatever, [Go on Weinland. Tell Mikey he’s gonna die a speedily slow death from the inside out. I dare ya.] anyway it’s true.

MM: Well yes, I-I–

RW: [laughs]

MM: It seemed rather at the time convenient that it would be your wife.

RW: Right. That’s right. And she’s with me everywhere I go, we’re together in everything we do, we have been from the beginning in all this, uh, in what we do and as I mentioned in that letter there God is doing exactly what he did with Abraham and Sarah, uh he’s working with two people god is god is god is about family, and that’s what it’s all about and that’s what we’re heading towards as a great family that god has planned for mankind and man doesn’t understand [unclear] why he’s made why he was created. But the two major things that happened on the seventeenth was the announcement of the second witness [which was supposed to have taken place on the 19th according to Weinland] that is when our job began on that particular day and is also uh I’d also announced about a great prophet that was going to have a great influence on the earth–Not necessarily looked to as a prophet but he was here in the United States at that time, and that’s the Pope. He was in Washington DC and he was in New York city at that particular time

MM: Mmhmm.

RW: Whereas we were in Jerusalem, where our job begins, and where our job ends as I mentioned. Those are very notable things if people could only grasp it. But people don’t understand yet um–

MM: Well I-I mean but at the end of this you could-you’d end up being, if it doesn’t pan out you’re Mr. and Mrs. False Prophet.

RW: Oh exactly right. That’s a great position to be in isn’t it?

MM: You tell me! [Oh snap!]

RW: Well if it happened out that way then then–

MM: Have you heard from oth–

RW: I would uh– [McConnell didn’t let him speak at this point. Would Weinland have referred to “plan B” at all I wonder?]

MM: Have you heard from other people who feel disappointed?

RW: I think there are people who are disappointed because they expect something physical to happen in the very beginning and I have tried to tell people that it’s a process that’s going to take place over a period of time here. Uh obviously as far as my own physical desire, yes I’d like to see something big happen so right away here so that people could you know begin to turn to what they need to turn to in order to go through what’s ahead here. But that isn’t the way god does things. And he hasn’t from the very beginning uh I think we–

MM: What what what will happen if we go through the forty-five to ninety days and things are pretty much on course as they are right now? Sun rises and sets where it’s supposed to, and everybody has a pretty nice day?

RW: Well. [pause] It’s not going to be that way but um [pause] I think of one individual that interviewed me right after you did, he’s over there in the UK, the James Whale show, TalkSport Radio over there he made a comment that when the second trumpet uh goes off and there’s a nuclear weapon that goes off here in the United States in different uh city, or different cities, he said, “Then I’ll believe you.” And that pretty much sums it up. And that’s candidly when some people are going to begin to change because they wanna see something dramatic they wanna see massive destruction they wanna see I mean–I mean that’s a that’s a sick thing in one respect but it’s going to take place but that’s what people want. They want that evidence. They–you really don’t want that evidence. Because it’s going to be a horrifying thing to live through when it comes to that point in time. The reality is it’s coming. But what leads up to that are some of the things that are already transpiring. And I tell you what. Little rumblings here and there and it starts to take place here as far as you know our economy I’ve talked about that. I don’t know if you’ve been watching–

MM: Well we’ve always had those rumblings about the economy.

RW: I’ll tell you what though right now we are in the last part of it. We’ve had rumblings but this is a finality for it. This–just like earthquakes right now. People don’t even–people aren’t even paying any attention to it. We had uh–

MM: The the other day I pulled out the Misery Index going back to 1948. We’re not even CLOSE to how bad the economy USUALLY is.

RW: And I app–

MM: Not just how bad it was in the 1970s and 1980s–

RW: And I appreciate what you’re saying and that is going to be some of the evidence of things as we go through this summer that is going to be far more evident to people that’s just one of many things that’s going to take place. We also had a second aircraft carrier that went in the Persian Gulf. What do you what you think they’re getting prepared for? [One aircraft carrier to fight the “two hundred million strong European military complex” that is supposed to be rising even as we speak? Seems a bit under-equipped, wouldn’t you say?] Uh a lot of people you know they they speculate that there’s gonna be a strike on Iran. Umm [pause] You know we’re on–

MM: Well it might be but we have military strikes all the time. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. We just hit Somalia yesterday!

RW: [overlapping] Yeah and when you add all these things together just like when I started to mention here about earthquakes. Do you know how many earthquakes we’ve had here in the last few weeks in the United States? This is this is not normal. Just like in February. We had ten times the amount of tornadoes here [More prophecy in hindsight no doubt.] and people said well that’s not, no it’s not normal. Things are speeding up. Things to do with the weather and things with earthquakes and so forth. And people make fun of that when I talked about earthquakes. But you know to have an earthquake here and there is one thing but to have two of them recently here in the midwest there’ve been six hundred out there off the uh off the coast of Oregon right we’ve had two here this past week. In southern California, one in northern California, in Eureka. Uh the Reno Nevada that keeps having

MM: All right.

RW: They’ve had several hundred earthquakes. Uh, some of them–

MM: Well, you have an earthquake, and then, and then you have your aftershocks. Your little tremors.

RW: Yeah they’re aftershocks but they’re rumblings and they’re seeing things that scientists say they have never seen happen before. Uh just like some of the things off the coast of uh of uhhhh of uh Oregon there. They have never seen anything like this happen before. Uh today this morning we had another six point five off the Eleutian Islands there off of Alaska. Uh some of the islands there and so forth coming off the coast of Alaska. Uh we had one there three weeks ago six point two. These are not normal things taking place but people aren’t paying any attention to it.

MM: I–I think I pay attention to everything, I think I would be reading a lot about seismologists saying that this is unprecedented and I haven’t read boo from one of ’em. [Oh SNAP!]

RW: Yeah well stay tuned because there’s more coming and they’re going to grow in magnitude and that’s just exactly what’s taking place but people don’t listen to those kinds of things.

MM: Right. Well. Again my point would be about back to the last interview and you know I could it it–you suggested then that between that–that something big was going to happen on the seventeenth of April and that between–

RW: [laughing]

MM: And that between the forty-five and ninety days the world as we know it would not be recognizable.

RW: No. No I didn’t say anything like that.

MM: I–you’re–pretty much along the–well I’ll pull it back out.

RW: I list–

MM: Or we’ll talk again at the end of ninety days.

RW: I listened to it again last night. I was very specific. I said on April the seventeenth is when everything begins in the sense of the first trumpet of the seventh seal of Revelation I said about nine minutes into it you can go check I said the seventeenth is a beginning as I explained the first trumpet will be blown uh–

MM: Well, no, I–about the end of the forty-five to ninety day period. By by by second trumpet time this is supposed to be a pretty unrecognizable place.

RW: No by the second trumpet time we only have the first major strikes–what I mean–and I even mentioned there–it appears to be as though it’s going to be something nuclear. Uh if if that happens in some of the major cities obviously our our whole lifestyle in the United States changes. If it happens in New York, and Chicago, Washington, DC. Things are gonna change major for us here in the United States. But the United States continues on for several months. This doesn’t destroy us. Things can continue on–look what happened with Katrina did that hurt the rest of the United States? NO.

MM: Well no, but we never thought it was gonna destroy the United States.

RW: Well we are coming to that. We are coming to a point where by the time you get to the fifth trumpet we are going to be destroyed in essence. We’re not going to have a whole lot left.

MM: Well we’ll be talking to you again at the end of the ninety day period.

RW: Uh that’s up to you if you’d like to. Uh that’d be great.

MM: Sure the ninety days would be up I’m guessing July?

RW: Yes.

MM: Sometime mid-July?

RW: Yep.

MM: Well I’ll make it a point to be around.

RW: Good.

MM: So uh the night before I mean when the trumpet was about to sound on April the seventeenth did you get a good night’s sleep? The night of the sixteenth into the seventeenth?

RW: [pause]

MM: Or were you too full of anticipation? [Oh he was full of something all right.]

RW: [long pause] It was like any other night. [Was there just a hint of disappointment in his voice?]

MM: Any other night. OK. Well Ron, we’re gonna talk again, I’d say somewhere around the middle of July how about that?

RW: That sounds great.

MM: Middle to late and we’ll see where things stand. And what’s your web address one more time?

RW: It’s end time 2008 dot com.

MM: End time 2008 dot com. Ron Weinland good to have you come back and face the music [Oh SNAP!] and we’ll do it again.

RW: You bet.

MM: Thank you. See ya later. Or I’ll be facing the music next time, we don’t know. All right much to get to stand by……


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  1. RW: “…they wanna see massive destruction they wanna see I mean–I mean that’s a that’s a sick thing…”

    But then why does he want to ‘first’ use his prophetic powers to make the critics die from a slow quick (or a quick-slow) death which will eat them ‘slowly’ from the inside out?

    Was he joking? Was he serious?
    Is this RW a morally balanced individual?
    Is he going to just laugh-it-off? (Probably)
    “they don’t think the way we think”
    “they don’t see the way we see”
    = CULT mentality

    To all the hardcore followers of his: I think it’s a reasonable proposition to read and
    re-read very-very carefully his books and what he said during the radio interviews (preferably the un-edited ones)…that is if you have ears to listen and eye to see.
    If you skip something…think about what you just skipped and why.
    And don’t forget…breakups in marriage are always the toughest 😦


    May 2, 2008 at 6:55 pm

  2. 18 min 58 secs in on his latest interview posted on his site “TalkSPORT Radio London” Ronald clearly says “if things do not happen by mid june, very clearly so. I willl make it very clear, I was a false prophet.” I think these statements need to be cleary posted on this site. Maybe a fixed Top 10 list. This latest interview with Mike McConnell, Ronald is coming of as really wishy washy. He is going to try and weasel his way out some how.


    May 2, 2008 at 8:02 pm

  3. Continued:
    So according to him it’s “sick” when people want to see massive death and destruction as proof but it’s NOT sick when he himself using his God given powers deals a slow and painful type of death to ‘critics’ without proof?

    This enemy I would definitely would NOT want to make my friend!
    Reason: If you tell him to look up…he would look down. You tell him to look left…he would look right. How can then anyone make any sense in what he is saying?
    The events are supposed to be the proof and NOT based on what he says(pending what he said he meant and what he meant he said)…and stretches…and stretches…and maybe in June…and maybe in July…and “you simply don’t understand”…and maybe in August…and so on it goes and drains any unsuspecting wallets found walking by.
    Surely…near the end of 2008?…..Right?


    May 2, 2008 at 8:03 pm

  4. Well he did claim there won’t be a president in 2009. But I’ve had Weinland pegged as false since the world was NOT “shocked and in horror on the day the seventh seal was opened” (March 18, 2008), the way p. 23 of 2008: God’s Final Witness claimed it would be.


    May 2, 2008 at 8:59 pm

  5. Top ten list! Top ten list! If you look at the list and see “There will not be another president.” and we have another president. Boom false prophet. I use that as a point… im sure we’ll discover he is a false prophet before that… if we haven’t already. A top ten list would be a good call though.


    May 2, 2008 at 9:03 pm

  6. You want a top ten list, all the information you want is in the blog here. I have said all I need to say with regards to Weinland; anything else would just be endlessly repeating myself, and there are others who are fleshing out the other aspects of the argument now.

    I don’t know if this qualifies as a “Top Ten List” Clint, but will Weinland’s Predictions to Date suffice?


    May 2, 2008 at 9:38 pm

  7. And not a peep from the congregation still trapped.
    At first there were quite a few..coming on the forums/blogs all bold and haughty “did you read the books? did you listened to the sermons?” …now it’s just tumble weeds passin’ along these parts.
    Hello? Anyone? Anybody?


    May 2, 2008 at 9:49 pm

  8. There have not been any baptized, tithes-paying supporters in public view since Weinland’s diatribes against MySpace and the blogs on March 15.


    May 2, 2008 at 11:30 pm

  9. Thanks for the transcript. I think Ronnie’s moving the goal post to the 5th trumpet, as I’ve expounded upon in a post on my website. (First attempt at linking on a WordPress blog — if it doesn’t work t try the link under my name — too bad WordPress doesn’t offer a preview feature)

    Ekimks (Mike)

    May 3, 2008 at 1:26 am

  10. Dang it!! I must have forgotten the closing tag. Oh but for a preview feature.

    Ekimks (Mike)

    May 3, 2008 at 1:27 am

  11. Have no fear the edit feature is fortunately available to me. (For I am god as god is god–no wait.) Uh. Fixed. 😉


    May 3, 2008 at 1:34 am

  12. “think Ronnie’s moving the goal post to the 5th trumpet”

    It certainly seems so. 1st trumpet physical happenings are ALREADY being described as
    irrelevant earthquakes and sssssstrange weather patterns. The fire mingled with blood and all grass burned up stuff in Revelation will be of course explained with ‘summer drought’ and the elderly dying due to heat stroke. And of course he can always ‘add up’ these events…I mean what False Prophet wouldn’t in his place?
    Now with trumpet #2 he will naturally make complete use of the whole 90 days…then after that I have no idea…unless he pulls out his good ‘ol trumpets sounding at same time…thang….but that’s starting to get out of fashion now…
    Of course the simplest excu…err explanation would be..yes you guessed it:
    We simply cant see what we want to see see. You see?


    May 3, 2008 at 1:50 am

  13. i went to Ronnys winoland’s site and left him an email how he should be ashamed of himself for righting phony books, nothing happened all his predictions were wrong i think we should gather together and stone him, lol


    May 3, 2008 at 1:50 am

  14. Michael, please let us know if you get a form email. Ronnie announced several weeks ago that he was going to set up an auto-responder, wonder if he’s done it yet.

    Ekimks (Mike)

    May 3, 2008 at 2:14 am

  15. Nope I already tested that. Either it wasn’t set up at all, or it wasn’t set up properly; or they’ve let the AOL address go.


    May 3, 2008 at 2:17 am

  16. Christianity is not about saving one’s physical life, it is about attaining everlasting life. Weinland’s books are mainly about saving one’s own skin. This is not Christianity.


    May 3, 2008 at 2:48 am

  17. Remember the audience that RW is playing to and how they will interpret real events (the numerous earthquakes that amounted to nothing) and imagined events (the pope being possessed by Beelzebub) in which they will consider vindication of Ronnie’s predictions.

    If a person’s mindset has been sufficiently programmed, or if they are inclined to believe in “supernatural” occurrences, they will use pretzel logic to see these events as a fulfillment of RW’s prophecies, even if they don’t remotely meet the criterion that RW laid out for the tribulation.

    Think of catholics who see the image of jesus from a windowpane that merely has condensation on it. Think of how we use to freak ourselves out when a group of friends had a séance during a sleep over just because we heard a pipe in the house rattle, or how a Ouija board use to scare the hell out of us in our youth.

    This is the mentality of RW’s followers and many others who still want to believe in magic, and a master manipulator like RW will take full advantage of many people’s propensity to see things that aren’t there simply through the power of suggestion.

    Don’t underestimate this phenomenon of human nature and how RW will use to keep his charade intact and viable to those he is playing to, despite the irrationality of it all.

    Mr. Arkadin

    May 3, 2008 at 4:11 am

  18. Most of PKG’s teachings are physical work and physical rewards. They do “spiritualize” anything they can’t figure out how to draw a physical conclusion or if they can’t explain it.


    May 3, 2008 at 4:14 am

  19. Mr. Arkadin: “Don’t underestimate this phenomenon of human nature and how RW will use to keep his charade intact and viable to those he is playing to, despite the irrationality of it all.”

    Yes. If you ask questions very very carefully you might be able to draw some answers.
    And when you draw some answers he will be able to quickly:

    a) spiritualise it away (cause it’s a spiritual thang)
    b)it’s on ‘God’s’ time/timetable
    c)we cant see what we want to see (obviously only they can)
    d)what I meant was….
    e)as you can see I also mentioned…
    f)pagan’s simply don’t understand
    g)*God progressively reveals…*
    h)I never said that! (despite audio/written proof otherwise)
    i)I…uh…uh..cough…well….it’s a process….
    j)one thang cannot be simply looked at…it must be in conjunction with another thang
    k)you dont have eyes to see and ears to hear
    l)it’s prophetic…you cant understand (yeah and it’s your job to witness there buddy)
    m)[dramatic silence] (then changes the subject)
    l) and the all time critic’s favorite “I simply don’t know”
    phew…an endless list!
    oh boy what will he say next?
    pay him and you will find out!


    May 3, 2008 at 5:28 am

  20. Firestorm and Arkadin, you both have it exactly right. I’m waiting for the time when the radio dj’s will fire his own words at him from his books/interviews/sermons and then see what the sob has to say. He’s a piece of work, he is.


    May 3, 2008 at 1:49 pm

  21. It is so apparent that Ron is back peddling and turn the things which has not happened to the world. That we are sick for wanting to see things happen physically.
    Which that is all her preached about for years was the horrible things we would see. Dead bodies around us, etc…. you all know the tale. The followers even pray for this to happen.
    No matter what, Ron will turn this all around to his favor.
    I am very, very, serious when i say Ron is from Satan himself. Ron says satan is of this world, and Ron is a satan follower. I believe that with all my being.
    Listening to Ron now and what he predicted in the earlier years has turned around like night and day. Satan has festered his brain.. NOW that is scary me friends.


    May 3, 2008 at 4:05 pm

  22. Huh — Katrina didn’t hurt “the rest of the United States”?!

    Tell that to the people in Houston, who reported a rise in crime — and some of it was traced to displaced N.O. residents.

    (I scoffed at the bloggers who warned it could happen, with crime spreading from big bad sinful N.O. But at least from Houston, it made national news.)

    I’ve been telling people Ron Weinland was predicting nuclear bombs in U.S. port cities between June 1 and July 15. Is he now saying he NEVER said that?!


    May 3, 2008 at 5:28 pm

  23. There’s a lot of things he said he never said, that he said. And since he said those thing I hope people will prove to him he said what he said he said, especially the one where he said, “these things will happen to prove I am who I say I am.” and now he’s saying his only prediction of April 17 was to announce the second witness.

    He’s sick.


    May 3, 2008 at 6:16 pm

  24. RW is covering his ass against lawsuits. His followers have given tens-of-thousands to RW, and HE ENCOURAGED THEM TO DO SO!

    He virtually gave a mea culpa, and couched it in the “I don’t know and spiritualized” tactic. In fact RW clearly states that if nothing happens this summer he will continue this con. He even offered money back- HE IS AFRAID OF LEGAL ACTION!

    This is IT!!!! He stated that if you maxed out your credit cards and didn’t pat your mortgage “DON’T BLAME ME!”

    He is shitting a brick!

    What a disgusting Human Being. He can’t step down because he would be more liable legally, and he is shifting blame to “personal responsibility.”

    I hope we see this common criminal in JAIL where he belongs. To all out there who is part of his =swindle – DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!! If RW doesn’t give it back – SUE HIS ASS!!!!!


    Mr. Arkadin

    May 3, 2008 at 8:44 pm

  25. ww,

    do u have a copy of todays sermon?


    May 4, 2008 at 2:00 am

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