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TIMELINE ONE: Oh No He Didn’t (Pentecost 2008 Message)

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Shadows of WCG has the scoop on today’s sermon. Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid has coined a new acronym, “ILFPRW” — Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

The gist of today’s message was — “if by Pentecost” meant nothing. As a matter of fact, it meant so very, very little, that Weinland did not even acknowledge that pivotal point of prophecy that dropped from his lying lips on March 29, 2008.

“If by Pentecost”, Weinland.



Here’s to you, Ronald Weinland: So much chutzpah, you think your brainwashed little sheeple are just going to carry forward as if there is no Great Tribulation happening all around them. Except there is a Great Tribulation happening, for them, as they sacrifice everything they have “to the work” and for “the final three and a half years”.

In three and a half years you should be nearing retirement age, Weinland. Only instead of lying dead on the streets of Jerusalem, you and your wife will be soaking up the sun somewhere in Western Europe, no doubt; the parts of Western Europe that were supposed to have been destroyed by now. Your little shell game may have netted you only “a very small church”, but it was certainly enough to get you and the little woman a nice little nest egg, now wasn’t it? It was a good little shell game, all in all. You even had me convinced you were drinking your own Kool-Aid, half the time.

Today’s purely Pentecostal screed, when you shouldn’t have even been talking at all, brought me in line with what others have been saying all along: You don’t believe a single word of what you have been spewing. If you had just been a misguided member of the church, left floundering in the wake of the changes, then maybe you might have deserved a small scrap of pity.

As it is, you don’t even deserve the slightest bit of attention from this point forward.


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June 8, 2008 at 9:27 pm

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