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I just ran across this referred to on the AW comments section. Seems like a Weinland follower has gotten it into their heads that the person referred to in one of Weinland’s post-Pentecost sermons as having personal health issues is none other than Bob Thiel, who writes the LCG apologetic blog CoGWriter.

We may diverge greatly in both political and theological outlooks, but Bob Thiel and I both believe that Weinland is misleading people. He believes Weinland is misleading people from “the one true church”, and I believe Weinland is misleading people for his own personal profit, and no other reason.

I’m not sure if the letter to CoGWriter indicates that Bob Thiel is being touted “off the record” by church elders and leadership as being the critic who Weinland claimed is having health issues, or if it is just a lone Weinland follower, grasping at straws, and trying to make Weinland’s false prophecies come true, by hook or by crook, as it were.

I may make fun of Thiel’s views upon occasion, whenever they are posted over at AW, but I wish no personal harm to come to him; I was once a member of “the church” too, and I was just as earnestly sincere as Thiel, or as any of Weinland’s few remaining followers are.

(Hearsay suggests at least one congregation has now split from the PKG, and at least one elder from an east coast congregation may be having doubts.)

For all of our differences in political leanings and theological outlook however, I do not believe Bob Thiel is “an instrument of Satan”. He is a publicly vocal lay-member of the Living Church of God yes, that is beyond dispute, but “an instrument of Satan”? Really?

I feel badly for the person who wrote the letter, that they are grasping at straws to the point where they will try anything to get confirmation bias for the silent trumpets. Not only the fact that the writer of the letter believes another human being is “an instrument of Satan”, but the fact that the letter writer wants so badly for his false prophet’s prognostications to be right, that he wishes harm on someone else.

(Oh and just for the record, no “personal health problems” here either, sorry to disappoint.)


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June 15, 2008 at 3:42 pm

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