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Ground Control to Major Ron…..

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I snagged the title from this comment posted on the Ironwolf forum.

It looks as though the church’s backup plan is going ahead almost exactly as it was when it was first leaked. We should be able to, in the coming months, go through every single point listed in the church’s backup plan and check them off, as Weinland and his elders play out their end-game. Early indications of the church’s backup plan are present (for those with eyes to see of course) in Weinland’s latest blog posting.

The first point in the church’s backup plan will be:

“Series of sermons stating why & what happened, including repentance by Weinland in late July 2008.”

Weinland appears to be warming his followers up for this, with his latest blog post. I ask again, of what use is premeditated repentance? Remember, the church’s backup plan was sent out to “a select few” on April 22.

This hardly indicates “repentance” to me. More like cold-blooded planning ahead of time, to keep the marks right where they are needed: Sending tithes in for the Weinlands’ retirement fund.


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June 20, 2008 at 1:57 am

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