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92 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…….

92 days after the “45 – 90” day time limit for the 2nd Trumpet to blow, and once again it’s a silent trumpet (are we really surprised). ILFPRW was supposed to go back on the Mike McConnell show in mid-July when nothing happened, to face the music. Probably why the post-pre-travelling-witless spokesman sideshow is on the road again. (But it’s official on Weinland’s blog, the little woman is back in the hot seat, as the 2nd Silent Witness. Bet she’s relieved not to have been upstaged by Johnny or Wayner.)

Silent Trumpets and Silent Witnesses aside, this odd bit of info recently came our way: The church corporation is not registered in Ohio, it’s registered in Delaware. Check it out for yourself. You can get the same results for yourself on the State of Delaware homepage, by typing “Church of God PKG” into the search box.

Our sources inform us when Weinland split from the CoG-T, with an undisclosed sum in 2000, he registered his new corporation in Delaware, because the corporate law was easier in Delaware than anywhere else at the time. 

I’m not entirely certain what ramifications this information has for the church itself, except for maybe saving them a few bucks and cutting through some of the red tape for setting up a corporation a little quicker, which Weinland would have needed to, at the time of his split from Church of God, Toledo.


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July 18, 2008 at 1:31 pm

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