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Would Ms. Samantha Kinsley Please Identify Her Affiliation With PKG?

Suspicious activity on the blogosphere that a group of us have been monitoring for some time has now come to a head.

This was the first blog that caught our notice. It mentions that GFW was “assigned reading” for some manner of college class. Questioning the blogger about the origins of the assignment, and the reasons for same, garnered no answer. Subsequent to this, other references to “the assignment” were found, to wit:




Information on the class in question here:


(ACC_X is the source of the course that might be in the process of being utilized to recruit students.)

Samantha Kinsley is the teacher in question who assigned her students the reading of Weinland’s recruiting material for PKG. Interesting to note that the class started on the 7th of June, well after Weinland’s reboot of the timeline that failed (beginning with the sealing of 144,000 that took place on Feb 2, 2008, culminating with the non-existent 1st and 2nd trumpets on April 17, 2008 and Pentecost June 8, 2008, respectively), and the fact that the books do not mention dates are a considerable advantage to draw in new recruits.

Ms Kinsley is an animal rescue aficionado as evidenced by her blog. Hearsay from months past suggest the Weinlands gifted an elder’s family with a very expensive pet dog, likely similar to the one seen on Audra Weinland’s MySpace page.

If Kinsley is in fact a member of the church, and is recruiting underaged teens or young adults through her “Humanity 422” class at a Brooklyn NY trade institute, one wonders if she is doing so under the auspices of John Giannotta, the elder for the church currently residing in Red Hook? (Giannotta would first have had to clear it through Weinland — by all accounts, Weinland micro-manages the administration of church affairs very closely.)

Or, is Kinsley instead acting on her own initiative, without clearing it through Giannotta first?  If so, she is risking a lot of undue attention, and possible disfellowshipment by the church, for such a risky maneuver in “spreading the gospel”.

If Kinsley is acting under the aegis of Giannotta, is this then a sign that the elders are trying to replace a rapidly-dwindling membership, thanks to the failed timeline? As the books mention no dates, they are still effective recruiting tools for this closed high-demand religious group, as evidenced by Weinland’s effortless reboot of the timeline, when his first “prophecy” (The 1335 days of Daniel 12 began on Feb. 2, 2008.) failed to pan out.

Questions remain, but one thing is certain: If this book was indeed “assigned” by a church member, whether or not it was under the aegis of Giannotta, it can mean only one thing.

The church is still targeting children.


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July 20, 2008 at 11:03 pm

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