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Updated July 27th.

…….If we’re in the midst of the Great Tribulation or even if we aren’t, correct me if I’m wrong: The Witless Weinlands are supposed to be dead on the streets of Jerusalem in three years, give or take, depending on how many times Weinland reboots his timeline. Let us also leave aside the quibbling detail that he said on the James Whale show le Poopoo was gonna kill them, but in Prophesied End-Time it was “the European military supercomplex” that was gonna do the deed.

My question is this. If they’re going to be murdered for being the two witnesses from the book of revelation (clothed in sackcloth and humility I add), the question is clear:

Why do they live like THIS? (Be sure to click both links.)

The story has hit Ambassador Watch now. Notably, the administrator of AW must not be aware that Weinland’s elders have to pay tithes too. As a matter of fact, the only people on HTFS’ payroll (“Celestial Accounting and Kingdom Logistics, 24/7!” ??) are most likely Weinland himself, Wayne Matthews, Johnny Harrell, possibly Terry Wrozek, Audra and Jeremy Weinland (the kids — got to keep the tax advantages all in the family, after all), and perhaps one other accountant/tech.

Out of a congregation of about three hundred, that means five people (at most) benefitting from over 30% of the income of around three hundred.


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July 24, 2008 at 11:19 pm

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