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Let Those Who Have the Eyes to See, SEE!

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The Wisdom of Solomon:

  • 17:8 For they, that promised to drive away terrors and troubles from a sick soul,
    were sick themselves of fear, worthy to be laughed at.
  • 17:10 They died for fear, denying that they saw the air, which could of no side
    be avoided.
  • 17:11 For Wickedness, condemned by Her own witness, is very timorous, and being
    pressed with conscience, always forecasteth grievous things.
  • 17:12 For fear is nothing else but a betraying of the succours which reason
  • 17:20 For the whole world shined with clear light, and none were hindered in
    their labour:
  • 17:21 Over them only was spread an heavy night, an image of that darkness which
    should afterward receive them:
    but yet were they unto themselves more grievous
    than the darkness.
  • As the Gospel of Thomas repeats almost to the point of being nauseating: “He who has ears to hear had better listen!”


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