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From the desk of (I’madoubledoctorbutIjustcan’tgetordainedbymyownchurchnomatterhowloudlyIpreachforthemdammit) Living Church of God’s foremost Internet apologist Bob Thiel:

“Ronald Weinland stated that the reason that there are many COG groups today is that they all want to make God in their image so they can pick and choose.

Is it so Bobby? Of course, neither Thiel nor Weinland understand that this is exactly what they are doing themselves; Thiel at least has the good commonsense (????) to foist his created god-image over onto Spanky Meredith’s group, by way of Herbert W. Armstrong; Weinland unfortunately takes this a step further, and deifies himself and the missus. Weinland doesn’t actually believe the crap he’s spewing. It’s all a tithes-grabbing tactic, as far as ILFPRW is concerned. Thiel, on the other hand, really is sincere:

“…..I have denounced at least 6 individuals who claim to be prophets and 2 who claim to be apostles that also claim to be part of the Church of God (thus I am not just reporting about him and his group), though not the Living Church of God.”

Convenient, that last bit, hmmm? Whatever. Let’s shed a little light on the situation courtesy the Gospel of Philip, shall we?

“[…] men create God. That is the way it is in the world – men make gods and worship their creation. It would be fitting for the gods to worship men!” – The Gospel of Philip, Codex II, Nag Hammadi Library

The above passage can be applied quite neatly to the Demiurge that all Armstrongists (Church of God members and ministers) worship.

Of course, if Thiel and/or Weinland are actually quoting from the Gnostic Gospels themselves here (now that really would be a shocker), that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish again: Simon Magus much boys?! 😯

Methinks the sheeple wouldn’t be too pleased with that turn of events……..

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