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The study of other mass movements reveals that believers tend to view their cause as an archetype–they see their cause as the ideal form of government or religion–and so they will loyally identify with it. Humans have a very strong desire to identify with heroic images. This is what psychologist Carl Jung called archetypal activation. “When an archetype is successfully activated, it accrues to itself ideas, percepts and emotional experiences associated with the situation or person responsible for its activation, and these are built into a complex which then becomes functional in the personal unconscious” (Stevens, 32). It would be difficult to believe that people would participate in any cause if they did not identify with it, but there are levels of identification from mild association to blind fanaticism. Fanaticism would lead one to become anti-social, condemn outsiders, refuse to listen to reason from members outside the group, ruin one’s own relationship with one’s family, ruin one’s finances, or even commit atrocities in the name of their cause.

Read Bruce Renehan’s “Daughter of Babylon” in its entirety online at The Painful Truth website.


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