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Have I Mentioned Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid Lately?

For those who have not seen the blog Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid, then I recommend you visit Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid post-haste. For all the latest intel, and even photographic evidence, please visit Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid.

Blog administrator Mike has not only come up with pictures of the Weinlands’ house,  he broke the story about the IRS CID investigation, and you will also note on the main page that the ever-intrepid Mike has now managed to come up with a picture of the two Witlesses themselves:

Yeah they really look like the types who can breathe fire on the Feds. Sounds like they’re breathing flames onto their own sheeple, from all the fires Weinland’s elders have been putting out lately.

Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid! Visit the blog today!

Written by weinlandwatch

September 28, 2008 at 4:02 pm

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