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TIMELINE ONE: RW Sermon “Three More Weeks”

Takeaway quote from this sermon:

1:53:20 “Three More Weeks”:

“If by Pentecost [June 8, 2008] I’m just going to make this real clear to everyone. If by Pentecost [June 8 2008] it is not powerfully and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will clearly encompass a third of all plant life in the US and at least the clear results of this mingled with blood the death of very much animal life and the beginning of large numbers of human life then I will stop preaching. Just so all the critics and everyone out there will understand. I am true to my word in these things. OK? And for all the critics if by the end of July and for most likely around Pentecost if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet. I will do exactly what I said I would do on aaaaall those interviews that I have held. To do less. Well. Would be quite insane.”

Looks like the “live” sermon was cancelled because of the elders’ meeting in Cinci this weekend. Here is the sermon for this week (streaming). If that link doesn’t work for you, download the file here. Of note, nothing will be revealed until it is time for it to happen, everything is spiritual that isn’t physical and physical things are spiritual, and oh yeah the critics are crackpots.

In between the rhetoric and backpedaling, notably, there will be written instructions for the Passover service on April 18th, 2008, on the CoG-PKG site. On the Publications page, at the bottom, it says Articles: Passover | Pentecost and there will be a third article added here, “Passover Service Instructions”.

The Weinlands and the Harrells will be in Jerusalem on April 17th, 2008. There will be a Passover sermon uploaded to the site from Jerusalem on the 18th. Local areas are recommended to keep the Passover around 8PM on the 18th. Weinland says that the brethren will not be screaming, but they will be crying out by that time. Weinland will announce who the second witness is on April the 19th, 2008 [Note that Weinland instead “announced” it one day earlier instead.] in the Saturday sermon following the Passover service on the 18th April, 2008.

Weinland does make the point that, if nothing happens by Pentecost (kept by the CoG-PKG June 8, 2008), with regards to the “fire mingled with blood” of the first trumpet, he will be a false prophet, and he will stop preaching, towards the end of the sermon. He does make a last-ditch fear-mongering plea to “the scattered church” at the end that he would fear to be his critics on April 17th, 2008.

Naturally, Weinland does not address the discrepancy between his prophecies and his critics: I am a member of “the scattered church” but I still call Weinland a false prophet. Therefore, what of Satan’s inability to influence me, now that the seventh seal has been opened? Oh that’s right it’s all spiritual. Or not.

Oh and by the way someone asked me if I was “scared” at all because apparently Weinland went on a runner about how all of his critics (the perverted twisted ones) are “scared scared scared”. I dunno, I’m a little disappointed the Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the playoffs this year, but I wouldn’t say I’m scared. At all. Not even a little bit. Sorry Ronnie boy.

21:30: [Weinland stated that] “….we do not announce the specific location of services, but only the city where they’re taking place, because there are “…a lot of crackpots out there…on the internet…I am talking to some of you crackpots…there are sick, sick people out there…If you don’t agree with something, get a LIFE…How can you feast on this?” [Weinland claims that he has more to say to the crackpots and that] “…you may want to stay tuned to this sermon.”

34:50: “…Critics do not get it because they don’t see it spiritually, they’re small minded, they’re perverted, they’re twisted and they’re destroying themselves. Too bad!! Get a life…while you can.

50:00-51:01: “Also a part of something that I believe God has given to me to do is that I’ll begin my job as one of the two witnesses while in Jerusalem. Both witnesses will be in Jerusalem April the 17th. Laura and I are going to Israel. The Harrells are coming with us. That’ll cause some things out here [unclear].” [laughter] I can hear it now. Whoo! [snickers] They got a 50-50 chance. Well. Four out of three[?]. Maybe there’s someone we’re going to meet up with! Some of you critics out there. I’m talking to you people listening in. Not any of you listening in in the congregation. [snickers] Who could it be? Well that’ll be announced at that time. So just keep listening. We’ll tell you. So the second witness will be with me in Jerusalem and I will announce who it is on the weekly Sabbath of the 19th.” [April 19th, 2008]

1:16:24: “What if, what if…comes April 17 [2008], my life changes dramatically one way or the other because it’s all in. Are we holding back? Are we all running, yet? So what are you going to do some of you who are skeptics and critics and you see these things come to pass? I will tell you what you will do as a whole, you will lie, you will twist, you will distort and you will die – speedily. So, one of us is walking on very dangerous ground.” [Wonder who Rotten Ronnie is referring to here? Hmmmmm?]

1:20:02: [Weinland chastises the critics by saying] “God mocks you critics. God mocks those of you who twist and distort what is true. God will mock your life and what’s going to happen in your life and its going to happen swiftly upon you. Thank God, because your mouths and your attitudes need to come to an end and you’re going to find out that God is not playing games. After April 17, I would fear to be in any of your shoes, truly, truly, truly! …what I say after that day carries a lot more weight……God put me on my feet and he spoke to me…revealing his word…God is the one who has to set us up…it’s all spiritual…What is it that people will believe? Nothing…except what comes to pass when it is spoken…and some are so resistant that they will die.

Not dying yet, Ron. Just holding you to your own words, from earlier in the year. Wonder what his third “Three More Weeks” sermon is going to be about? Anyway, read the precis of the second version of “Three More Weeks” over at Don’t Drink the Flavor-Aid.


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