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More True Church History from Bill

Thanks to Gavin, who pointed me towards Ekklesia today. Bill has more insider history on how United Church of God split from WCG, after the 1995 changes, as recorded on a mailing list that was set up for the malcontents (“Malnet”). It is a lengthy document, but well worth the read, to see what kind of minister the Worldwide Church of God actually bred, through its Ambassador College indoctrinations, and those “ministerial refresher courses”.

“To dispel a rumor, UCG is NOT a, retirement fund for ministers who have bean terminated, from the WCG.”

Now that just made me laugh out LOUD. That’s all any of the splinter Churches of God are, ever have been, or ever will be. The ministurds are looking to recoup their promised pension plans, because they couldn’t toe the party line and swallow the clap-happy Jebus crap the way Senior and Junior thought they would.

(There was a large percentage of Worldwide membership and ministry that was not nearly as brainwashed as Senior and Junior thought us to be. Or maybe we were brainwashed too well. I’m still trying to figure that one out.)


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June 22, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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